Expat Life Lately: The Seaside and Painting


Two weekends ago we spent a cloudy, though lovely Saturday at the seaside in Hunstanton. We walked over the coarse, seaweed-strewn sand, and upturned gull-grey rocks looking for crabs. We found one!


He was awfully skiddish and hard to catch. Especially if you’re a bit nervous like I was. But we became fast friends. And by fast friends I mean he kept trying to pinch me and I narrowly resisted the urge to drop him.

me and crab

A trip to the seaside wouldn’t be complete without visiting the candy shop on the pier for some sweet treats. I bought a bag of sour keys and it took me right back to being a young teen, spending every last cent of my lunch money on sweets and sneaking them in class all afternoon. They weren’t stale like they so often are; they were soft and moreish. Can’t wait to go back and buy more.

My man bought a cup of cockles to snack on; how he eats those things I have no idea, but they’re a big hit at the seaside in England.


As we traipsed along the shoreline, delighting in the salt air I couldn’t help but think that I have such a good life. And to reflect on how thankful I am.


My man also found the teeniest, tiniest crab ever. Don’t know how he ever spotted this little guy!

tiny crab


Sunday held rain in store so we decided to finally get out the paint we bought months ago and paint our bedroom. We painted it in a grey Valspar paint called Hinkypunk. I adore the colour, and my man for letting me nautical-ize most of the house. The fact that the name is Harry Potter related was a happy coincidence :).

In between coats the sun came out and we had a splendid lay in the backyard hammock which rocked us both off to sleep.


I’m happy we’ve been able to bring a bit of the seaside to our bedroom as it’s one of my most favourite places in the world. I also found the most adorable photo frame today and had to get it for our room.

crab photo frame

What’s your favourite thing to eat at the seaside?



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