Canada Trip, Moving to Wales, University and New Jobs

Where has the time gone? Since my last post I went home for the first time since moving to England for 3 lovely weeks to see family and friends, to eat deep fried pickles everyday and to catch a Jays game πŸ™‚ Unfortunately my one and only had to work, so it was a solo trip.




can6Β can1Β can7

Nova Scotia:


As soon as I got back to England we had to start packing up our home sweet home to move to Wales for my man to start a new job and for me to start my PGCE teaching program at a Welsh university. The fact that my man was moved to a new position near where I’m attending school was a complete, very lucky fluke. So I get to see him more than ever πŸ˜€

The past two months have been full of paperwork and stress and newness (and living out of a hotel for 6 weeks) but we saw each-other through it and are now getting settled in. I also lucked out because there are 13 other Canadians on my program so they are all going through all the things I did in my first year and we’ve all become fast friends. I absolutely love my program and how easy it has been to meet like-minded people after really struggling to make friends here for over a year. Yay!

Canada represent πŸ˜‰


Exploring a bit of Wales (where we end up getting rained on just about every weekend :p):





OH YEAH, I’ve also learned to drive in the UK this past month! I traded in my Canadian license for a British one and bought myself a tiny little car Β for this tiny little island. That has been equal parts terrifying and exciting. I constantly repeat “stay on the left, stay on the left, stay on the left…”

I’ve taught my first week of lessons at my placement this week which went altogether better than expected. In fact I’m really proud of the class and they’ve had some really sweet things to say, like, “can you teach us everyday?” Heart melted. The hours and days of lesson planning, having no life and panicking about teaching are all worth it when you hear that.

I’m also having to learn Welsh for my course (I was already working on learning French, so why not?). So far I can count to 19, ask your name; sut oy ti?, ask you to put your hand up;Β doily vuni, and say I like coffee; D’win hoffee coffeeΒ (even though I don’t). Also, fun fact: in Welsh a microwave is called a poppity ping (how Bendigedig is that?).

My man has been very supportive in more ways than one and I don’t know what I’d do without him. He really is the best person I could ever have met. Love him to bits.

Aaaand finally, we took a drive to Bath UK one weekend which was an AMAZING and a much needed break from all the hectic craziness. It deserves a post on it’s own if I ever get a chance to write it. Thank GOODNESS for half term this week! The past couple months have been a whirlwind, but I’m still here guys and loving life πŸ˜‰


What’s new with you lot?! I hope you’ve all been very good, tres bien et hapis πŸ™‚



11 thoughts on “Canada Trip, Moving to Wales, University and New Jobs

  1. It looks like an amazing trip home, lucky you! How do you like Wales? My BF has family there and we are planning to visit next year. In the meantime, we are planning to climb Snowdon in North Wales! Welsh looks like a very cool language. Good luck with your studies!

    1. It was a nice trip home I brought so many snacks back in my suitcases πŸ™‚

      We like wales it’s very hilly so the opposite of where we live in england and very pretty. Unfortunately the area we’re at seems quite far from a lot of the coastal touristy spots so we haven’t explored a lot yet but I hope at sometime to walk the Pembrokeshire coast, see caernarfon castle and to see Aberystwyth which looks quite nice.

      Thanks frede! Hope you’re well πŸ™‚

  2. Lovely photos, as always! How is the adjustment going, now that you’ve been there for a bit? How is your new place? Room for a garden in the spring?

    Wait…so you have four languages in your repertoire?: Welsh, French, Canadian (heh heh), and English?? Looking forward to the introduction of more Welsh words/slang!

    1. Hi jane! I have been completely MIA but things are going well. I do miss my garden we don’t have a yard at the new place but I hope to put a few pots out front this spring… I love seeing more of my man but the university course is really hard. I work from 8am til 10 or 11pm every night and all day sunday and the workload is going way up after the christmas hols. The worst part is most teachers say it doesn’t get easier once you get into teaching and I can see why the uk can’t keep their teachers. They are all getting burned out. Really worried about a future in teaching if it will look like the past 6 months… but all I can do is try it and see how it goes.

      The house is cute though and thank goodness I have such a wonderful man to see me through this tough year.

      I hope you are well! X

      1. Happy New Year! So happy to hear from you! Wow…your coursework sounds intense. And the workload is going to get heavier?? I hope you will find a teaching job that you can balance with having a personal life! Thanks for checking in…<3

  3. I’m in an LDR from Ontario to Wales myself (I’m studying in Wales for the year), so everything you write just hits that much closer to home :’) thanks for all the great ideas on your blog and, most of all, your optimism.

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