His Birthday and Our Canada Trip

Where does the time go? I’ve now been on supply for a few weeks which is sometimes lovely, sometimes stressful and sometimes leaves you needing a hot bath and a glass of wine by the end of the day but I like to think I’m learning a lot.

It was my wonderful man’s birthday a couple weeks back so I took him out for dinner and gave him a card with tickets inside to see the Tottenham Hotspurs. He has supported them all his life and has never seen them play so he was really excited! One thing I can say for supply is that I am so happy to have a little money coming in again. I had a particularly difficult class in my first week but being able to buy the football tickets at the end of it made it worth it!

Back in August we spent a month in Canada visiting my family in Ontario and Nova Scotia. We decided to make the 20-ish hour (each way!) drive between Ontario and Nova Scotia stopping over on the way there in Ottawa and on the way back in Quebec City. It’s the first time my man has seen any of the provinces besides Ontario and by the end of the trip we’d seen 5 out of 13. He’s now seen as many as I have!

We started out in Ontario visiting friends and family, boating, kayaking, tubing and doing cottagey things…


canada1.1 canada2.1

Next was a six hour drive to Ottawa (the capital city of Canada) to see two of my best friends. We spotted a giant turtle on the way but no moose or bears (I’ve always wanted to see a bear or a moose in the wild). We had a “natter” (as the British say) and then did the Ghost Walk through the old jail.

canadaott canadaott8.jpg

Afterwards we walked back toward Parliament Hill where there was a light show/documentary projection on the house of parliament.


The next day we went back but all the indoor tours were sold out! We didn’t realise how much tourism was up this year for Canada 150. We did a French tour of one of the other buildings (I picked up on the odd word but nodded as if I understood).



We had to take a photo with this statue of Terry Fox. A few months back when Josh passed his personal training fitness course I bought him Terry’s biography and we’ve been reading it together.

canadaott2 canadaott3


After walking around the downtown we caught a bus to the Canadian War Museum which was free on Thursdays from 4-8pm. It was absolutely massive and after more than two hours we’d only toured through approximately half. There were interactive displays, thousands of artifacts, a massive tank room and even Hitler’s original car which seemed very surreal.

canadaott7 canadaott5

We finished our stay in Ottawa by going for All-You-Can-Eat sushi which we have both missed since our last trip to Canada. Then it was onto our 13-ish hour drive to Nova Scotia! It was dark by the time we finally crossed the border.


After a good night’s sleep we decided to tour Fort Beausejour where the French/Acadians a.k.a my family fought with the British for many years. Luckily for Josh and I the French and the British get on much better nowadays 😉



A pair of primitive skates and of course, some snow shoes.

canadans7 canadans8

The Acadian girl and the British boy bringing peace to the county…


We shared a kiss in Shediac, New Brunswick on top of the largest lobster statue in the world. Not sure what competition is like when it comes to lobster statues. On the way home we passed some of the characteristic fishing boats on the sea floor. Nova Scotia and New Brunswick have the highest and lowest tides in the world.



On the way home we called in so that my sweetie could meet my grandad who at 89, still plays a mean game of checkers. No one can beat him!


We drove over Confederation Bridge which is over 12 miles long to visit the province of Prince Edward Island! Of course we stopped in at PEI’s most popular tourist attraction the Anne of Green Gables museum. We’ve been watching the new series on Netflix.


canadapei2 canadapei3

We stopped at Heather’s Beach to hang with some cool crabs…


canadacrab1 canadans3

Spent a very rainy day in Halifax which is somewhere I’d never been before. We walked the pier which seemed like a lovely place to be on a nice day. We sampled some seafood at Bicycle Thief and toured through the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.

ns4.jpg ns5

The next day was the highlight of the trip for me as I’ve wanted to see the iconic Hopewell Rocks (New Brunswick) for some time. We had booked in to kayak them at high tide but as the water was really choppy we didn’t get to go out. However I enjoyed walking the seafloor at low tide.



Feeling hopeful about kayaking later on we stopped in the village of nearby Amla, New Brunswick for a bite of seafood with a gorgeous sea view.




We at least got to see the Hopewell Rocks at high tide when we stopped in again on the way home.


After a family party it was on the road again for a 9 hour drive to Quebec City! I’d been here on a school trip years ago but I’d forgotten how incredibly picturesque it is. It’s the only place in Canada that reminds me of Europe. Plus I had a chance to practice a little French. We never wanted to leave!

Standing in front of the famous Chateau Frontenac hotel.


canadaqu canadaqu11

canadaqu1 canadaqu2


After a walk around the gorgeous city we stopped in at Le Chic Shack for some Canadian Poutine. I went for the original but my man’s more adventurous “La Braisee” was a total winner. This was the best thing we did in Quebec City: sit in the large open window enjoying Poutine and drinks and watching the horse carriages clip-clop by. It was one of those moments where you look around you (and at the wonderful company beside you) and think: this is what living is for.


God I love that boy.

canadaqu4 canadaqu5


After an al fresco drink and some more strolling we happened upon Lower Town which was utterly beautiful and charming. We even found the spot where Samuel de Champlain founded Quebec.




We walked until well after dark and the next morning set off back to Ontario. We rounded off the trip with a night at Medieval Times, an impromptu stop at the CNE and some more relaxing in cottage country.




A beaver dam!


Aye, aye captain!


I do miss my family and friends and my two hilarious little nephews who I got to know much better on this trip, but I feel so lucky to have two wonderful homes (vast Canada and the charming UK) and the most important home of all has become a person, rather than a place. 🙂




7 thoughts on “His Birthday and Our Canada Trip

  1. Aww, I’m so glad you had a great time back home! Your photos made me a bit homesick… I’m from Lévis, just across the river from Quebec city! I used to see the castle from my flat… We’re planning to go next year, maybe in the winter. The boyfriend loved the Canadian winter!

    1. It was a lovely trip, even I was seeing new things! If we ever did move back I think I would consider Quebec City, it is just so picturesque. Mine loves the Canadian weather but has only been in the summer time! I can’t say I miss those harsh winters one bit; he has never felt temperatures like what we get but says he’d like to go in winter sometime. They do have lots going on around Quebec in winter though I went dog sledding and tubing and through the ice hotel years ago on a school trip which was neat 🙂

      1. Quebec is beautiful… After two years here without going back, I can’t wait to visit again! My boyfriend came over for Christmas just before I moved here and when he arrived, we still had autumn weather and he was very disappointed… We travelled to NY and when we got back after three days, there was snow storm and intense cold! I can’t say he liked the cold but he was so happy to shovel the snow on my patio, bless him! 😂 I’m glad you had such a great time back home! And yes, you should certainly take your British man to see a Quebec winter! 😉

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