Weekend in London and New Job :)

My new job as a full-time reception teacher isn’t actually that new anymore; it’s been keeping me busy for the past 6 weeks or so. The day I did my interview my man and I decided we would have a celebratory pizza night whether I got it or not, to celebrate doing my best. That’s all anyone can do at the end of the day. Luckily for me, my two full days of planning and prepping resources paid off!

I’m also very lucky that they are a lovely bunch (I’ll never take this for granted after some hellish days supplying!) and I can’t say my day is ever dull! Last week and this week have given me my weekends back as we’ve been doing lots of rehearsals for the Christmas concert and lots of fun things (I’m loving less planning for now). This week we baked and decorated cookies, made calendars, made Christmas cards, made pinecone Christmas ornaments, saw a pantomime and had a party. I still feel strange saying I’m a teacher as I feel so young still and keep reminding myself I’m not that young (twenty six). When did that happen?

Just before I officially started this job my wonderful man and I spent a weekend in London so that we could see the Tottenham Hotspur game I bought him tickets for for his birthday. I finally got to see Paddington!


Paddington Station…


We met up with some high school friends of my man who were absolutely lovely. We grabbed food and walked around London and checked out the Maple Leaf pub. It was full of Canadians! I had to have a poutine while we were there. YUM 🙂 I only wish there was more of it!

l7  l3

My lucky number 🙂


I inhaled half of it before I stopped to take a picture… now I’m craving poutine again.


We had an early night (yes, we’re getting old) and the next day headed off to Wembley arena to see the spurs.


They won!


In food news (we are both major food lovers) we have recently discovered two new favourite dishes. I was seriously missing my Canadian Greek takeaways since I moved over but I’ve learned how to make their AMAZING greek potatoes and I pair it with the same sort of rice and salad and douse it in Ranch sauce and feta cheese. It’s heaven.


My man loves sweet potatoes and healthy food so I tried out this recipe for loaded sweet potatoes (loaded with roasted chick peas, dill/hummus/lemon/garlic sauce and parsley/tomato topping) and they are sooo good. I can’t believe something vegan can taste this good! We now make them about once a week 🙂



I’m now searching for our next favourite recipe!

What’s your favourite recipe at the minute?

Take care all and have a very Merry Christmas!





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