Snowed in with my Love

10k run. He came 20th out of 584. Very proud ❤

It’s been a busy few weeks. We’ve been back to England visiting my man’s family, my athletic man ran a 10k while I drank hot chocolate and tried to keep warm and both of us have been very busy with work; report card writing was nearly the death of me!

On Wednesday those broad, fluffy flakes began to fall and having had a tough day at work last Wednesday was so relieved to have a snowday on Thursday and Friday making it a 4-day weekend! Wooo!

Other than getting some much-needed planning done for lessons and observations next week I also had some lovely downtime with my man. We played boardgames, snuggled, played videogames (which we haven’t done in about a year), took everything out of the fridge and had a toastie -making contest (he says I won, I say we tied!), had a glass of wine together and on the third day finally ventured out into the white wonderland for a little walk.

snowday2 snowday3

I upped my toastie presentation in the third round :p.


It’s been such a great chance to re-charge and spend some valuable couple time together. I’ve just ordered a bunch more board games so here’s to more cozy nights in!

Do you know of any fun board games for 2 players?


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