Expat Life Lately: My Birthday, Tough Mudder & Sunshine


It’s been a very long spring and the constant cloud and cool temperatures were definitely starting to get us down. So much so that one evening purely to get out of the house and cheer up I agreed to go to the gym with my man and as it turns out blaring a bit of T. Swift and dancing around (there were only us two in the gym) was a perfect antidote to the weather. We had so much fun together acting complete fools. It reminded me of how me and my best friends from back home used to dance around in our living rooms. Music is such a great pick-me-up.

The sunshine has been a long time coming but we are so lucky to be having a gorgeous May long weekend here in Wales! It arrived just in time for my birthday. My other half brought me some lovely red roses home on Friday and on Saturday (my birthday) we woke up at the crack of dawn to go to his tough mudder event. It was a lovely, hot day and I enjoyed watching him in his element. Afterwards we sat out in a beer garden with friends, grabbed pizza and played Harry Potter SceneIt and Cluedo.

IMG_0524 IMG_0432.JPG


I’ve been wanting to go on this murder mystery dinner on a steam train for ages and my man managed to book us in for one as my birthday present so I can’t wait for that! He also got me a lovely birthday card; the first card addressed to ‘my wife’ 🙂

With money I received for my birthday I just booked us tickets to see HP and the Philosopher’s Stone through Luna cinema which does outdoor movies at all sorts of cool locations around the UK. Can’t wait!

mm lc.jpg

We’ve taken advantage of the sunshine by climbing Sugar Loaf mountain (for the 4th time… every time I say never again but there you go), having a barbeque in the park with friends and splashing around in the river. I’m hoping for an impromptu beach day today to wrap up a smashing long weekend.



Hope yous are all enjoying the sunshine! What are you looking forward to this summer?




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