The Big Things and the Little Things

While I still enjoy leaving little surprises around the house for my better half, I’ll admit that since becoming a teacher a lot of my creativity and energy goes into the classroom. After long days, hours of planning and preparation and out of pocket expense (to put a smile on my 26 children’s faces) I feel like I don’t plan quite as much magic for my man as I did before and don’t always have the funds to treat him to things I would like to.

Although when I slow down and take a look back I realise how much we actually do for each-other. I’m not really slacking as much as what I sometimes think. But there’s always room for one or two more surprises isn’t there?

Some of the things we’ve given each-other in the past year have been quite expensive; like engagement rings, whisking me away for our engagement in Derbyshire and wedding clothes, but the small things… flowers, notes, small gestures mean just as much.

weddingring platinum wedding band

The Big Things…

We’ve been talking for a couple years about tweed suits and I told my man a couple years back that when I got a job as a teacher I would buy him one. He supported me in every way all through the brutal teacher training year and I wanted to say thank you. As his measurements are hard to fit off-the-rack I bit the bullet and had him a suit tailor-made which he wore to our wedding.


I love that because it was tailor-made we could have it embossed with our names and future wedding date, and picked everything from the type of tweed, to the lining to the pockets and cut. It took 2 hours to make all the decisions and afterwards we had no idea what it would look like. Thankfully, it turned out better than we’d hoped. We would highly recommend Aidan Sweeney and will treasure this suit for many years to come.

The Little Things…

The past month or so I have started to visit all the websites I used to love perusing for romantic and fun ideas (especially pinterest and the dating divas) and thinking about what I can do to surprise the man I absolutely adore and now get to call my husband :).

One small surprise (thankfully costing much less than the suit) were a burgundy tie and a lovely green bowtie which I found for a good price on Etsy.

bowtie2 bowtie.JPG


He has also brought home flowers “just because” on a few occasions lately which is something I always love!


As I haven’t planned a proper date in ages and inspired by the most incredible sunset we saw driving home the other night I decided to surprise my husband with a cost-effective but still sweet sunset date. Unfortunately cloud rolled in and we didn’t really get to see a sunset but it’s the thought that counts! It was still lovely to just spend some time together snacking on our favourite snacks and looking out into the distance. Although next time I would bring a flask of tea rather than a cold drink! He thanked me afterwards for doing something like that; those little words mean the world.

sunset date1


Something I absolutely adore him for are all the crazy things he agrees to do for me when it comes to my job. From teaching an army-style PE lesson with me last year when I was on placement in Year 5, to pretending to be Dumbledore for a Harry Potter lesson, to cutting out resources and cooking dinners when I’m working late, to last week agreeing to play Prince Harry in a dance skit with us teachers for our school’s talent show complete with his uniform.

We actually had the best time. Those kids are seriously amazing and we loved watching them show off their talents. Plus it was such a hoot doing our ridiculous royal wedding dance. I always know I can count on him when it comes to asking unorthodox favours! Just one of the many reasons why I love him.

royal wedding2.jpg

We did a re-enactment of this video plus a bit of the “floss” and the “dab.” It was brilliant!

From the big things to the little things and everything in between, it’s been a wonderful adventure and I can’t wait to see what surprises our summer has in store.

Will you be watching the royal wedding today?
Cheerio old chaps!



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