Harry Potter at Rochester Castle – Luna Cinema

rochester castle2

I’ve been missing my North American drive-ins since I swapped Canada for England 3 years ago but this past summer I stumbled upon Luna Cinema; a company that organizes outdoor cinema at various tourist stops around the UK in spring, summer and fall.

I soon found a venue near me -Rochester Castle, Kent- and lo and behold they were showing Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets! I booked those tickets faster than you could say Quidditch.

Luna Cinema Review

1. Watching Harry Potter in a castle = amazing
2. Ample room to sprawl out on the lawn at the front or book/bring your own chair
3. View and sound were good
4. Allowed to bring own snacks/drinks (just no glass)
5. Allowed to bring blankets, pillows, snuggly items
6. Food and drinks available for purchase

1. The show will go on in all weather – if sitting in the pouring rain isn’t your idea of fun then it’s likely you’ll be out-of-pocket if the weather doesn’t work in your favour
2. Running out of stuff: they ran out of popcorn and you sometimes had to wait or come back for hot drinks as they kept running out of hot water.


How To Prepare For an Outdoor Movie:
1. Waterproof – Make sure to bring something waterproof (like a tarp, sleeping bag, painting sheet ect,.) to lay down on the grass. It will be damp, dewy and wet.
2. Something to sit on – Make sure to put something on top of your waterproof layer to sit/lay on as sitting straight on the waterproof will still be really cold.
3. Layers – Wear lots of layers and bring more with you.
4. Blankets – No matter what the season it will be cold at night; bring blankets! We brought one and it wasn’t enough. Double-up! Even bring the duvet.
4. Pillows – This is what separates the noobs from the legends. We were noobs. Bring as many as you can carry and make a warm, squishy little nest. I was seriously jealous of the two girls in front of us who had full body pillows – clearly they’d done this before.
5. Snacks/drinks – Before you leave make sure to pack your popcorn, candy or even a picnic and don’t forget a sealed cold drink plus I would highly recommend a thermos of something hot. As there’s no intermission it means you’re going to miss some of your movie going back for something to warm you during it.


Overall we had such a brilliant time; there’s just something magical about watching movies outside and being that it was Harry Potter the castle surroundings really added an atmosphere. Plus the handsome company sure didn’t hurt 😉 The serial sleeper even stayed awake for the whole thing! A perfect date night.

Cost: £15 each (this varies slightly depending on the location)
Doors opened at 6pm show/ads started at 7:30

To search for upcoming movies and venues:
Luna Cinema

Rating: 4/5 broomsticks

What is your favourite Harry Potter movie or moment?



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