7. My Month in England :)

After spending a busy but wonderful 4 days in Italy, we came back to my home away from home for a month. England really has begun to feel like home for me. Like our last trip, we spent a lot of our time at home stores, doing jobs around the house and making it more homey. I am obsessed with all things nautical and I fell in love with this large nautical print.



englandxmas2  englandxmas3


We shopped and wrapped and put our presents under our very own Christmas tree 🙂. It’s odd having a Christmas without snow but I think I could get used to it! I painted our names onto a couple of stockings but was quite surprised to find that they don’t do stocking hangers in England. I’m going to bring some from Canada for next Christmas so we hang them on the fireplace.


We had to have at least one carvery dinner! Here we are having a carvery and watching “footie” at our favourite little pub in town. Very British. (I accidentally dropped my knife in my purse as I’m clumsy like that.) It’s lovely that we can walk into town from my man’s house.


englandxmas8  englandxmas7

We spent a lot of time visiting friends and family, cuddling, cooking and doing low-key type things but we also went to a couple soccer matches (football as they call it!). My man likes Cambridge United and they’ve just made it to the next league after 9 years in the bottom league. The crazy brits play soccer outdoors during the winter season instead of the summer which is why you see me wearing 3 pairs of “trousers,” (pants) 3 “jumpers,” (sweaters) a jacket, 2 pairs of socks, a hat, mittens and earmuffs. I was still cold after about an hour of sitting.

englandxmas9  englandxmas11


We had a lovely Christmas visiting with all of my man’s family; they are a warm and humorous bunch. I also spent a lot of time talking to them about family and taking notes as I’ve gotten quite interested in genealogy lately.


We spent New Years with some of my sweetheart’s friends whom I hadn’t met before. They were lovely and we had a great New Years at their place filled with food, dancing, “banter,” Champagne and kisses.


englandxmas14  englandxmas15

I brought a clock from Canada for our fireplace and bought a couple candle jars and candles to dress it up a bit. My man picked out the painting. It’s fun being adults.


The weekend after New Years we threw our first house party which was lots of fun. I got Josh a fire pit for our backyard so we got to test it out and I taught everyone how to roast marshmallows and make s’mores. None of them had roasted marshmallows before! I also attempted to make poutine but I think I need to work on my poutine-making skills a bit.


englandxmas18 englandxmas19

We had a wonderful meal at a pub in a town called Reach. The food was so fresh, tasty and different from the usual. After this I had to make my own baked Camembert fondue at home; it’s so easy and so good.


The last 2 weeks of my stay were spent studying for the literacy and numeracy skills test, volunteering in a Year 3 class and getting ready for/attending an interview at one of the universities for their PGCE primary program starting in September. It has been one hurdle after another trying to get into school there. It has been extremely stressful, but my man has been so wonderful and supportive. They want me to have more experience in a British school which is fairly hard when you live 3,000 miles away. I did have a lovely time volunteering though, the kids were so sweet and were always making me smile.

Now I’m back in Canada applying for my visa, finishing up at my job and in a few months I hope to be headed back to my baby to stay. We’ve grown so close and it’s harder to say goodbye at the airport every time. My home now is wherever he is. I love him more than words and I can’t wait to live in the same place. It’s not even been a day and I miss him so much. I can’t wait for the next chapter of our story 🙂.

How did you and your S.O. spend Christmas/New Years?

8 thoughts on “7. My Month in England :)

  1. found your blog on a whim and i swear ive read everything. totally sweet! when do you get to move to be with him?

    1. I get to move in April (I hope!) as long as my visa and everything goes through. I’m sooo excited!!! Thanks for stopping by 🙂 Are you in an LDR as well, or just a romantic?

      Keep smiling,

      1. im not in a ldr actually, just a romantic 🙂 i couldnt handle it. which is why i think you’re so amazing. i would go crazy not being able to see my boyfriend. thats why im excited for you too haha

  2. Hi, my cousin sent me a link and I had to read (as I live near to Cambridge too, and am a teacher also) and this might be of interest… There is a school about 45 minutes from Cambridge called Warboys Primary School in a village called, funnily enough, Warboys!. They are desperate for TA’s and teachers etc. it might be useful, it might not… But thought I would share. Nice blog/diary 😊

    1. I will check it out thanks! I’m hoping to volunteer in a school for the next year; only thing is I would need to learn to drive in England to do a placement in another town but I may try and learn this summer. Stay off the roads! haha

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂 Best wishes to you.

  3. Well, that particular school would be thrilled to have you I bet! (in fact I know 😉 ) but anyway, best wishes, with your adventure! It’s the cutest thing! 🙂

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