LDR Activities…

Let’s be honest, it kinda sucks when you can’t go out for dinner or a movie or snuggle up with your significant other regularly like other couples. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t lots of things you can do together thanks to today’s technology and a little creativity :). Here are just a few of those things…

movieskypedateย ย ย  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

1. Movie Skype Date. I really love this because I can relax with my sweetie and we can share an experience without feeling we have to fill-in the spaces. Simply get your hands on the same movie (I often send my sweetie dvd’s that I already own by ordering him a copy off of ebay.co.uk and having them shipped directly to him because dvd’s are coded by region meaning a dvd bought in Canada would not work in his player), skype each-other and press play at the same time. Sometimes I’ll even send my sweetie a date in a box with some snacks and movie-themed things like my Proposal themed date in a box above, right.


2. Explore each-other’s hometowns using Instant Street View or Google Maps. I really loved doing this with my sweetie; showing each-other our current houses, past houses, schools, favourite spots. If you’re feeling really adventurous why not pick a place you’d both like to travel to and explore it online together? *Copying and pasting the link to show your sweetie what you’re looking at will not work, you must click “share view”*




3. Similar to suggestion #1, watch a series together! If you’re lucky enough to live in the same country you can have a weekly Skype date to watch your favourite tv show. I am not one of those lucky people :p I found that movies were getting a bit expensive since it will be a while til we feel like watching the same ones again so I sent my beau the first few seasons of the Big Bang Theory (since I already owned them), and it should keep us busy for quite a few months. Whenever we get a chance we throw an episode or two (or three on) and watch together over Skype.

Another cost effective way to watch movies and shows together (without having to deal with the hassle of trying to watch free online) is to both buy a Netflix account. They only cost about $7.99 a month, however if you live in two separate countries be warned that the content will differ. ALSO you cannot buy a gift subscription for someone in another country (learned that one the hard way… though they did provide me a refund, luckily).


Cooking woman using computer

4. Cook together over Skype. You could simply choose a recipe together, orrrr you could send him/her a cooking date in a box with a recipe you think they’d like, maybe some spices they’ll need, a cute date invite, measuring spoons, ect,. Could even throw these things inside a measuring cup, wrap it up and send it in the mail. If you want to go that extra step further you could even light some candles and dress up for your dinner together :).

If you’re finding it too difficult to coordinate cooking together you could also take turns teaching the other to cook one of your specialties. Give them a list of ingredients they will need, them Skype them to guide them through the process of cooking your masterpiece.

Here is one of my absolute favourite cooking sites: http://www.ourbestbites.com/


4.B. Challenge your baby to a cooking challenge! There are a few ways you could do this; you could each give the other 5-10 ingredients that they have to incorporate into a meal. OR you could take turns choosing an ingredient to be featured in a dish; for example Mango or Sirloin. You could cook while Skyping or simply send a photo of the finished product to each-other with a rating of how well it turned out. This is a great way to be creative together and to discover new tastes!


5. I had my reservations about posting this one, so I will start off by saying drink responsibly! You could challenge your sweetie to a drinking game via Skype, and lucky for you I’ve compiled a page of two-person drinking games that would be suitable to play over Skype. You may find that here:



6. Have a romantic bath date. So this is one of those date ideas that worked better in my head than in practice. I made up this super cute bath date in a box and sent it off to my sweetie however it turns out I don’t really get an internet signal in my bathroom (nor much privacy) but my honey still enjoyed the treats :p.

My bath date includes: a fondue set, chocolate, candles, bath confetti, bubble bath, candy, a champagne flute, cute invite, wine and a deck of cards. Last minute I swapped out the wine for kool-aid packets to make it more lightweight which was a lucky thing because I learned that you are not allowed to send alcohol in the mail!


7. Similar to suggestion #4, have a baking date! I would especially love these in the fall and winter seasons.


8. If you’re running out of things to talk about over Skype, try playing this game ๐Ÿ™‚ Two Truths, One Lie is a great game for getting to know each-other and will keep things interesting when it seems you’re both all talked out. Simply give your partner three scenarios and let them guess which one is not true, then have them give you three and take turns seeing how well you really know your partner.


9. If you both have an Xbox Live you can add your sweetie and game together even if they live halfway across the world ๐Ÿ™‚ Plus there are tons of free online games you can play together.

How to add someone to Xbox Live:ย http://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-live/social/chat-managing-friends



funny youtube

10.ย Exchange entertaining videos.ย Youtube is full of endless hours of entertainment; why not watch some interesting or funny videos together? Some of my favourite funny videos include News Anchor Fail Compilations, many Jon LaJoie and The Lonely Island videos, Steve Kardynal’s Chat Roulette Prank to Katy Perry’s Peacock, College Humor Prank Wars, Call Me Maybe Star Wars version and Tourettes Guy in the Grocery Store.

You can sync up videos by using Watch2gether; you may notice an annoying echo of theirs through your speakers. If you do just turn off your youtube volume and listen to theirs.



11. This date is virtually free and it’ll give you a reason to start checking that mailbox! When conversation seems stilted grab a pen and paper and write each other a heartfelt declaration of your love. This way you can do something together without feeling you have to fill in the silences; plus everyone loves getting mail.


12. Have a wine and cheese night! Each of you suggest a pairing to the other, and pick up those choices plus a few others that you’d enjoy and make a fancy date of it. You might also want to watch a classy movie together via Skype, maybe something black and white? Idea courtesy of: http://www.welovedates.com


13. Start a book club with your sweetie! Spend some time choosing a book you are both interested in reading and choose days to discuss what you think of it. You can even spend time Skyping as you read, and find questions online to get your discussion started. This is a great way to get to know more about your partner and their thoughts on different issues and engage in real discussions instead of simply talking about day to day things. Idea courtesy of blog.couple.me


14. Challenge each-other to find the best jokes you can and share them with each-other. Laughter is such a wonderful way to bond and pass the time. ๐Ÿ™‚


15. This is something my man and I wanna start doing. Workout over Skype together! Whether it’s weights, jumping jacks, squats, push-ups, sit-ups , yoga etc,. there are tons of on-the-spot type exercises that would be easy to accomplish together without having to constantly readjust the camera. Get active! Apparently it’s even a new trend. Who knew?

Please feel free to add your ldr activity ideas below. And check out the rest of the blog as well as my Pinterest for many, many more LDR ideas.

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