LDR Birthday Ideas…

So unfortunately if you’re in a long distance relationship you may not be able to be there to celebrate your sweetie’s birthday. Luckily there are lots of ways to show them you are thinking of them on their special day :).


1. I love the idea of providing a days worth of presents (where they open one each hour) so they are reminded of your love all day long. You can include things like candy, chocolate, some homemade gifts, cd’s, dvd’s, trinkets that represent your country/region, and then a couple larger gifts perhaps a clothing item or electronic they’d like. Keep in mind shipping can be crazy (to ship my gift from Canada to England cost 85$! even though I bought lightweight things).

Link to the 12 presents I gave my honey for his birthday: https://ldr13.wordpress.com/a-day-of-presents-2/


2. You could contact a bakery near where they live and have a cake ordered and delivered; some places may even have an online ordering service which always makes things easier!

If you and your honey live in the US there is a great organization called “Bake Me A Wish” where you can order a cake online and they will have it shipped to your honey on a specified day. Their cakes look delicious too!



3. If you can’t seem to get a cake delivered, that’s okay! Send a box cake and candles (they will only have to add a couple ingredients like eggs and olive oil). Wish I thought of this sooner, but there’s always next year :).


4. If you’re not able to send cake, how about sending some delicious (and lightweight) birthday cake flavoured tea from David’s Tea!



5. This is so easy and sweet. Buy some birthday balloons, blow them up and write cute messages on them for your honey, then deflate them and tuck them in his or her birthday card.  When they blow them up they will have a bouquet of sweet messages to brighten their day 🙂


6. Why not dress up in a birthday hat when you Skype them on their birthday? It costs almost nothing and would be a sweet gesture. If you don’t have time to pick up a birthday hat there’s always your birthday suit (kidding, mostly). You could send them one too and celebrate together. Could also do this with noisemakers, silly string, or confetti. The dollar store is filled with tons of birthday paraphernalia. I like to also send those “birthday boy” or “birthday girl” ribbons you pin on your shirt (or you could go for a b-day crown or sash).

Feel free to include your own ideas below 🙂

For a zillion more ldr ideas (k maybe not a zillion but alot!) check out my pinterest:

4 thoughts on “LDR Birthday Ideas…

    1. If you google mail order cakes you can probably find one; I was able to find a few bakeries in England who do cupcakes, cakes, brownies and all sorts of things delivered to their door 🙂

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