LDR Halloween Ideas…

If you can’t be there in person to celebrate Halloween with your sweetie, I’ve got you covered! Here is a list of how to make Halloween with your ldr significant other extra special 🙂


1. Just because you can’t be together on Halloween doesn’t mean you have to miss out on wearing an adorable couples costume! Have fun picking a costume together (send each-other links to ebay and other online costume stores) and make sure to take lots of photos throughout the night to send to your other half.


2. Have a pumpkin carving Skype date! Pick out a pumpkin and carve them while you Skype. You can even post the photos to facebook and have a contest for who has the best pumpkin. Winner gets something in the mail 🙂


3. Find or make a cute Halloween card and send it in the mail. I found this cute one at the grocery store and loved that it says “flying across the miles” how perfect is that? :p


4. Send some treats! I especially love this because my sweetie lives in England and doesn’t have most of the candy and chocolate that are staples here in Canada. This way he gets to try something new 🙂 Keep in mind that shipping can take 4-6 weeks so plan ahead!


5. Love this idea that I found on the Loving From A Distance blog. Turn out the lights and explore a virtual haunted house together (over Skype).  Can’t wait to do this with my honey 🙂 Here are some links to haunted houses:

Haunted house 1: http://www.virginiavarela.com/Halloween/index.htm

Haunted house 2: http://www.halloweenishere.com/hauntedhouse.html

Haunted house 3: http://www.frightbytes.com/hauntedinn/instructions.html


6. Watch a Halloween-themed or scary movie together over Skype! Send them a movie that you own or can buy cheaply then just press play on your tv’s at the same time. Here are some not-too-gory suggestions (Hocus Pocus, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Ghostbusters, Casper, Harry Potter and the Prizoner of Azkaban, Halloween Town, Jurassic Park, Paranorman, Beetlejuice, The Uninvited, Underworld, Taken, The Forgotten, The Mummy, Red Eye, Flight Plan, The Grudge, Warm Bodies, Signs, The Sixth Sense, The Ring).


7. These are just awesome and if I see these somewhere I will definitely send some to my sweetheart. Cool limited time products (like these Halloween themed oreos) are always fun to get!


8. Give your sweetie a scare! Now you’ll want to do this when your hunny least expects it. Tell them to check out this youtube video you just found and to turn the volume up cause it’s a bit hard to hear. Then watch as they scream their little head off. It may be helpful to remind them that you love them after :p Here’s a list of some of the scariest pop-up youtube videos 🙂


My personal fave (Michael Jackson’s ghost):


glowinthedarkballoons  vampirestraws

9. Send some Halloween bling to your sweetie along with your treats, like some glow in the dark balloons or vampire lip straws (these would be great for a care package as they are fun and weigh almost nothing).


10. Skype your sweetie, turn off the lights, get out your flashlight and take turns telling a spooky story 🙂 Here’s a few to get you started:


Please feel free to add your ldr halloween ideas below 🙂

For lots more long distance relationship ideas check out my pinterest:

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