LDR – Skype Drinking Games


I’m currently in an LDR (long distance relationship) and keep a board on pinterest detailing activities you can do with your partner, ldr gift ideas, and the like. I’m not a big drinker however I thought it might be an interesting Skype date to challenge your partner to a drinking game. When I looked around for a good site to pin I found that none had a comprehensive list so here is my own list of Skype (2 person) drinking games 🙂 *Of course it goes without saying drink smart! I often use both an alcoholic and non alcoholic drink during drinking games, drinking the alcoholic drink only when I feel comfortable doing so.

My pinterest: http://pinterest.com/alannawilsonxo/ldr/

Higher / Lower

Materials: a deck of cards (or the card deck app on a phone)

“Dealer” puts down one card. Opponent guesses whether the next card will be higher or lower. If they are right, the dealer must drink, and they get another turn. If they are wrong, they become the dealer. This is the only drinking game for 2 people that requires a deck.

Never Have I Ever

Name something you’ve never done. “Never have I ever…” If the other person has done it, he/she must drink. Then switch. This is a good drinking game for a large party too.

2 Truths and 1 Lie

Make three statements. Two of them must be truth, and one must be a lie. The other person guesses which. If they guess the lie correctly, you drink. If they are wrong, they drink. Then switch. This is a great game for two people who know each other well or want to get better acquainted.

Battle Shots

This is the most setup for a drinking game for 2 people but it’s totally worth it. Get ready to nostalgia.

Materials: several types of drink, paper and pencil.

Recommended: a beer, 2 half-shots, a mixed drink split in 3 cups, and a glass of water split into 4 cups.

Draw a 5×5 grid on a piece of paper, writing A B C D E across the top and 1 2 3 4 5 down the side. This way each box has a letter-number designation, e.g. the top left is box A1.

Put X’s wherever you want on the paper (don’t let the other person see).

Take turns guessing where your opponents “battle shots” are. Every time someone “Hits” an X, drink 1 drink. (taking a sip is too little, but chugging a whole drink is too much- that’s why we suggest splitting the drinks into multiple cups)


The first player calls out of a letter.  The next player must then say a word that starts with that letter. Play ends when a word gets repeated or the person is unable to think of a word. That person who screws up takes a drink and play begins again with a new letter.

TV Show/Movie Drinking Games

(If you have the same movie or season of a show). Personally I heart Big Bang Theory ❤



Play “Roxanne” by the Police and split it up so that every time “Roxanne” is sung either you or your honey drinks, and every time “Red Light” is sung the other person drinks.

Trivial Pursuit Drinking Game

If you each have trivial pursuit (or at least the cards… or you can find questions to ask online) play the game as usual only when your partner gets an answer wrong they drink, when you get an answer wrong you drink.

For many, many more LDR ideas check out my pinterest:

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