LDR – Sweet LDR Surprises…

This is gonna be a looong post because there are SO many neat and sweet things you can send your long distance other half to remind them of your love. *deep breath* here goes!


1. This is one of my personal favourites and one that I have actually done. Send your lover a telegram! This just feels like something out of an old movie. For around 7$ you can have TelegramStop.com send a personalized telegram to your SO. I found this on the LovingFromADistance blog so if you use the coupon code “LFAD” you get 10% off!



2. This is one of my own ideas. Send your sweetie a weeks worth of cute and sexy surprises to open one each day for a week. For more details on what I put inside these mysterious little envelopes check out this blog post: https://ldr13.wordpress.com/


3. Send your sweetie an “I Love You” Bean.Β That’s right. When this plant grows the leaves of it will read “I love you.” How cool and sciencey is that? Very cool and sciencey that’s how. Find it at Thinkgeek for $6.99:



4. To the men out there; send your girlfriend one of your hoodies that smells like you (we love to wear our boyfriend’s sweaters around. Sometimes we even sleep with them which is cute and not creepy).


5. This is kind of awesome. Send your lovebird a custom fortune cookie! For 11.95$ you can order one from Fortune Cookie Factory…



6. I found this idea in Cosmopolitan and I absolutely adore it. I haven’t been able to pull it off (yet!) but I’m workin on it. When your honey is out for drinks with his “mates” (“friends” not people he’s mating with) call up the place and order a round of his favourite beer or mixed drink for him and his friends on you. You can likely pay with a credit card over the phone. Warning: He may think you are superwoman; and he may wife you. Proceed at own risk.


7. Buy one of these stinkin adorable pillow cases and send the other one to your stinkin adorable other half.

enchanted awakening coverΒ  enchantmenteverlastingfb

8. Send your girlfriend my books “Enchanted Awakening” and “Enchantment Everlasting” because they are awesome and I’m a shameless self-promoter. Did I mention I’m working on a comedy novel called “The LDR Diaries?”


oldpaperΒ  waxseal

9. I’m kind of a romantic and old things are romantic because… well… because they just are. The next time you write your love bunny a letter try aging the paper with teabags or even adding a wax seal. It’s just cooler that way. *The most recommended wax for this use is the “J. Herbin Wickless Supple Wax.”

How to age paper: http://www.wikihow.com/Make-Paper-Look-Old

Buy a heart stamp here: http://www.nostalgicimpressions.com/Brass_Wax_Seal_Stamps_Symbols_s/119.htm


10. These ldr pillows are in the works! When made available they will glow softly when your partner lays on theirs and you can listen to the real time heartbeat of your lover. Take my money already! *throws money*



11. For a change of pace from letters send your love munchkin a postcard. (when you put love in front of a random word it suddenly becomes a cute pet name! cool!). There’s just something special about postcards especially the ones you can look at for a long time and always find something new or that represent your country/region.


12. Send your baby a voice or video clip to remind them you are thinking of them! My sweetie usually gets my rolled out of bed look so when I got dressed up for a gala I recorded and sent him a short video clip. I also love when he’s sent me cute voice clips πŸ™‚


13. Send “Open When…” envelopes! This is a super cute idea. You can write things like “open when you’re mad at me,” “open when you’re stressed,” “open when you’re bored,” “open when you miss me,” and “open when you’re in the mood.” Include a letter and a small surprise in each one. I have posted a full blog post on what I put inside of each of mine as well as some additional ideas πŸ™‚

“Open When” Envelope Ideas…


14. Send your sweetie an ldr watch! Or if you have a newfangled phone (ie not a flip phone like me) you can set it to show two different time zones… when my baby told me he has his phone set to show each of our times my heart melted a little. Okay, a lot.


15. Send your sweetie a mix cd πŸ™‚ For a list of awesome long distance relationship songs check out my blog post LDR Playlist:

LDR Playlist!


16. Send your sweetie a sound-wave bracelet! Creative way to say “I love you?” I think so! For 18$ this site lets you send in a voice recording and they will create a bracelet representing the sound-wave of your speech. Totally tubular! Whatever that means.



17. Sew your sweetie some heart-shaped teabags! Love this idea. Above right are the ones I sewed my sweetie using coffee filters and loose leaf tea from David’s tea. I then attached heart-shaped tags to them with steeping instructions on one side and cute love notes on the other. No I didn’t have anything better to do on a Saturday night.

Click for tutorial:Β DIY teabags!


18. DIY these love scratch tickets and send them to your sweetie. They can redeem them the next time you two see each-other … orrr… lingerie Skype fashion show?

Click for tutorial: http://patandlindsay.blogspot.ca/2012/02/diy-scratch-off-valentine-cards.html


19. Create a map envelope using Mapvelopes!


plane ticket pillow

20. Take a plane ticket stub to kinkos or somewhere similar, get them to blow it up and print it on fabric transfer paper to make this cute plane ticket pillow for yourself or your sweetheart.

How to:Β http://www.instructables.com/id/Created-a-Printed-Pillow-from-Scratch-with-Transfe/


21. Love this idea to have a pizza (or any type of food) delivered to your sweetheart as a surprise. I did this for my honey using dominoes online delivery system. Only thing is you will need to include the recipients phone number in the phone number box because it needs to have the correct area code. If there’s a box for special instructions ask them to write a cute message on the box πŸ™‚


22. Sweet cookie decorating idea! Or you can order these exact ones from Sarah’s Sweets in BC, Canada. Just remember if you’re having them shipped you will need fast shipping and fast shipping will cost you your soul. Or just about, anyway.


paper plane letter

23. To add a sweet grade-school touch to your love letter, fold it up and mail your letter as a paper airplane. So sweet!

How to fold a paper airplane:Β http://www.10paperairplanes.com/


24. This idea from the brilliant mind of Sheldon Cooper. I mean Alana Wilson. Why not write (and mail) a secret (invisible) love note? You could even include the movie National Treasure 1 along with it (with a note that tells him the blank page is a ‘clue’) and see if he figures it out. πŸ™‚

How to create/use invisible ink: http://chemistry.about.com/cs/howtos/ht/invisibleink3.htm


25. Send your sweetie flowers! Teleflora specializes in long distance flower sending. Just simply use their online order form; put your sweetie’s address in their contact form and they will have a flower shop in your sweetie’s area deliver the arrangement you’ve picked out. They even have some male-themed arrangements so you could even send some to your manly man ;).



26. I think an hourglass would make a really sweet long distance present. You could get it engraved or send it with a note that says “we’ll be together again soon” or “I will wait for you” ❀


27. Use Stitchagram to create a pillow or bag using your Instagram photos! Would make a really sweet keepsake for yourself or a heartfelt gift for your other half. However if you have a flip phone like me they will shun you.



28. Order custom stamps to make your letters that much more special πŸ™‚ You can have a photo of you and your sweetheart printed on it.



29. Take some photobooth photos of yourself and send them to your sweetie; there’s just something special about photobooth photos that makes them cooler than regular photos. Also don’t forget to take some when you two are together πŸ™‚


30. Design a custom puzzle for your significant other and send it in the mail! Make it a cute photo of the two of you or a sexy shot that he’ll be racing to put together πŸ˜‰ There are lots of sites where you can design and order them.


31. I really love surprises where your S.O. goes “how did she do that? Is she magic?” I feel like this is one of those surprises. What could be better than getting chocolate in the mail? Getting chocolate in the mail with your face/name/a cute message on it! You can even add a photo!



32. If you can speak another language (or enlist a bilingual friend’s help!)Β send a letter in another language β™₯ I think this is kinda romantic plus it’ll be a challenge for your partner to decipher it πŸ˜‰


33. Dress up your letter and envelope with stickers! You’d be surprised at the variety you can find at the dollar store or Walmart πŸ™‚


34. Press flowers and put them with a love letter. I’d like to do this with a maple leaf πŸ™‚

How to: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/make-botanical-art-with-pressed-flowers.html#media=wp-image-1247090&bbpn=627159369


35. Send your sweetie a date in a box! Simply include all the things your honey will need for your date and a cute invite and you’re all set πŸ™‚ Right is a movie date in a box I sent my boy and left is a romantic bath date I sent him (though it turns out I don’t get wifi signal in my bathroom lol).


36. This is such a sweet idea πŸ™‚ Send your sweet pea a box with everything they’ll need in it for when they get sick (cough drops, tissue, chicken soup mix, cold fx, dvd, cold and flu medication, something cuddly, ect,.). I want to do this since I can’t be there to nurse my baby back to health ❀

jonessodaΒ  jonessoda2

37. Customize a Jones Soda for your sweetheart with a photo of the two of you on it. So cute! They come in 6 or 12 packs and have a cute fortune under the cap. Their green apple flavour is super yummy.



38. Design a mixed cd sleeve so your sweetie can slip the lovely mix cd you’ve made them inside it. Mine turned out a lil lopsided so hopefully you’re a bit more crafty than I am.

How to: http://www.autostraddle.com/now-what-how-to-make-a-cd-sleeve-for-your-superfly-mixtape/


39. Send your sweetie a New Years Kiss! Or a kiss just because πŸ™‚ Whoever came up with this brilliant act of sweetness is a genius (and no it was not me this time). I just remembered I will be with my sweetheart this New Years! *hyperventilates a little*


40. Send a spicy care package! (Not that kind of spicy you minx). Include things like hot candies, hot sauce, beef jerky, flavoured popcorn/chips, hot drinks (cocoa, tea, coffee), ect,. And don’t forget a cute note that says something like “because you’re so hot” πŸ˜‰ *Green Earth has some great hot sauces right now in mini (lightweight!) sizes.



41. Send some clippings with your next love letter to let your sweetie know they’re on your mind. A cute cartoon? An article on their favourite sports team? Catalog clippings of products they would like? A sexy Cosmo article? If you see something they’d like, cut it out :).


42. Name a star for your other half :). There are a few sites where you can purchase a star and a book that will show you where your star is. The scientific community will not call that star by your name but it’s still a sweet gesture. If you have access to coordinates you could always just pick one!

An interesting article on naming stars: http://www.universetoday.com/104134/can-you-really-name-a-star/


43. Buy tix online to your partner’s favourite sports team, concert, or theatre event (and make sure to send two so they can bring a friend). I think this is very thoughtful and will def. score you points with their friends!


44. This is kind of hilarious. Make your significant other this card… cause everyone can use a laugh :).


45. If you and your sweetie both have iPhones (ie not a flip phone like me) download the pair app! It is an app designed for long distance couples to keep you two as close as you can be when you are a million miles apart :).



46. Send your lovebug a message in a bottle! You can order one from the site below or DIY it… very romantic ;).



47. Find the cutest stuffed animal you can find. Spray with your perfume or cologne and send!Β I picked a penguin because they are cute and they mate for life ;).


48. Give your sweetie a taste of childhood! Wrap a chocolate bar in a Willy Wonka style golden ticket that your S.O. can redeem the next time you two lovebirds see each other. (massage? meal? movie?). Tutorial below…



49. With just a mug and a sharpie you can DIY a custom mug for your sweetheart. That way they will think of you every morning with their coffee or tea :). For best results use an acrylic paint Sharpie and water resistant sealing spray (like Krylon’s Crystal Clear).

tutorial: http://blog.cabinconnection.com/2013/03/15/how-to-bake-permanentsharpie-marker-on-ceramic-coffee-mugs/


50. Send your sweetie a hot chocolate gift package… would love to get this on a cool autumn morning or a wintry afternoon πŸ™‚ *cost effective to grab a piping bag and fill it with some of your hot cocoa and mellows and tie with a ribbon… can also DIY chocolate dipped spoons πŸ™‚

luggagetagsΒ  luggagetags2

51. Send some DIY luggage tags to your sweetie πŸ™‚ To download the above designs just click on the links below!




52. Is your honey a coffee buff? Send them an “I Miss You A Latte” care package. (or “I Love You A Latte”). Cute and what a lot of pun! See what I did there?

Tutorial: http://www.kellimurray.com/2012/05/24/diy-i-miss-you-a-latte/


53. Turn your e-mails into a love story using Memeoirs.com πŸ™‚



54. Did you know you can make a simple envelope by beginning with a heart? Now you know! Send your next letter in an envelope made with love πŸ™‚


55. Make your man or lady a custom calendar πŸ™‚ It can be of photos of the two of you, photos of things he likes, or photos of you! How about arranging a boudoir shoot and making him a calendar with the images? πŸ˜‰ You can have these made at your local photo shop or online from places like shutterfly.com.



56. Is your honey a tea drinker? Attach a tiny envelope and love letter to their favourite tea bags.Β How adorable is that? Too adorable. Too too adorable.


57. Here’s a fun little way to fold your next love note… click the link below for instructions πŸ™‚ A fun AND frustrating little way…



58. Take out a classified ad in your lovey-poohs local newspaper and leave them a cute message πŸ™‚


59. If you’re artistically inclined create a comic strip featuring your honey πŸ™‚ I think this would be a really sweet keepsake. Or you could always go with stick people… it’s the thought that counts right?


60. Make a scrapbook of the time you and your SO have spent together and send it as a gift. Can include photos, ticket stubs, letters, menus hand-written or printed stories of events that happened/things that were said… be creative πŸ™‚


61. Is your sweetie coming to see you soon? If so you could mail them a carry-on care package πŸ™‚ Fill it with things like a plane pillow, earplugs, sleep mask, snacks, socks (planes are either freezing or sweltering!), sanitary hand wipes, and a magazine or book they’d like.

cootie catcherdone

62. Take your S.O. back in time to their grade school days and send them a homemade cootie catcher! Only instead of filling it with silly tasks to do fill it with sweet love notes πŸ™‚

letter boxesΒ  letter boxes 2

63. Send them a box to keep all your letters in. Photoboxes which can be found at most print shops work perfectly for this, or you could DIY your own :).


64. Is your other half a baseball fan? If they are be sure to send them this baseball that reminds them of why they are such a catch ;). You could also do this with a football.


65. Is your sweetie great at math (ie not me)? Send them this adorable equation to solve :).


66. If your far away lover is more of a bookwarm make them this DIY heart bookmark!

bestboyfriendΒ  funnybritishwords

67. Use iPiccy or any photo editing site to make your significant other a sweet reminder of your love. Let them know why they are the best boyfriend in the whole world (after mine of course) or log an inside joke. Just be creative! You could also draw something similar and mail it.


68. For 19.95 these custom flip flops will write your love story into the sand. Sport your pride by wearing a pair that declares your love for your partner, send your partner a pair that declares their love for you, or simply send a pair that says “I love you” so that they will discover your sweet message the next time they’re kickin it on the beach :).


69. Put in the date you began dating your honey and this site will calculate the number of days you’ve been together and spit out this cute card after you pay them 4.75. Then send this sweet card to your lover :).



70. Give your sweetie a years subscription to a magazine as a gift idea, not only will you not have to mail this gift but it’ll keep them thinking of you all year long β™₯ There’s a magazine out there for everything… is your man into boats? cars? psychology? bird watching? golf? Or something like Maxim is pretty popular for guys and Cosmo is a great option for girls if they are girly like me :).


71. The other day I was so short on cash I was actually debating whether pads/tampons were a “need” and I came up with this idea. This would be really thoughtful to give to a girlfriend, and if you’re too embarrassed to go to the store you can use this site to send your girlfriend a period kit. Mine would hopefully include milk chocolate or a giftcard to somewhere I can get ice cream πŸ™‚ If your bf does this for you, he must seriously love you… marry him.



72. If your guy/girl is a reader, paste this library card of love into the front of a book they’d like and send!



73. If your lover is more of a fisherman (or fisherwoman!) or a candy lover in general send them a tackle box filled with gummy worms and a note that says you’re hooked on them. Simple and sweet :).


74. A site with tons of free printable templates, just add your photo! Make cute date invite tickets in very little time πŸ™‚ In my movie date in a box I hand-made a ticket but I like this idea too.



75. Unfortunately I can’t be there to bake delicious cookies for my sweetie but this is pretty close! Measure all the dry ingredients into a jar then attach baking instructions πŸ™‚ This *could* get expensive to ship but it’s such a sweet idea. You could also do this with soup.

Check back periodically as I am always adding to the list! Hope you have found these suggestions helpful, and wishing you tons of love and success in your ldr πŸ™‚

For more check out my pinterest:


37 thoughts on “LDR – Sweet LDR Surprises…

  1. Thank you for these great ideas, i absolutely love to be creative and do things for my love but often I just don’t have the time to think about anything and as you know in a long distance relationship sometimes it’s hard to show how much you care so a surprise from time to time is great πŸ™‚

  2. My boyfriends from the uk and I’m from Canada. It’s been 7 months so far and he has plans to come spend Christmas with me. This is by far the best website I’ve seen for ideas! Thank you so much

    1. I’m amazed at the amount of Canadian girls dating British boys; I guess we come far and wide for that sexy accent :p

      What province are you from? I’m from Ontario, near Toronto. And that’s quite a compliment, thank you !

  3. Hey! Thanks for these cute and funny ideas. I’m from France and my bf is american, and I really would like to be as attentive and lovely to my bf as you are to yours and your website does help a lot!

  4. Hi, Lucky I’m in love with my best friend! For now we’re on our 2nd Months. I love giving surprises to my love one, this great ideas are really awesome. I know this would very helpful. Thank you for sharing, You’re part of our love story from now on. God bless πŸ™‚

  5. Thank you SO MUCH for this !!! Those are THE BEST AND CUTEST ideas I have ever seen! I totally loved the pillow though! πŸ˜€ every single idea is worth making! thanks again πŸ˜€ Good luck with your relationship ^_^

  6. Anything for LDR couples where one half is in a 3rd world nation? (In other words, she can’t receive any packages and mail will take months.) We’ve tried a date where we both cook ourselves a similar dinner (lunch for me, supper for her… both dinner) and play games online but I’d really like to send her something to surprise her.

    1. You could set up a scavenger hunt where all the clues are online… here’s one I did for my man: https://ldr13.wordpress.com/ldr-scavenger-hunt/ it’ll take a bit of creativity but it’s doable. Also if mail takes months I’d suggest getting something in the mail as soon as possible. Even in 1st world countries any packages I’ve sent takes 6 weeks to arrive. Could you employ the help of any of her friends or family? That’s another option. You could also make a Youtube video for her that would be a sweet surprise. Does she have a printer by chance? You could always design something she could print at home. Here’s another list of surprises: https://ldr13.wordpress.com/sweet-ldr-surprises-continued-2/ and of things you can do together from afar: https://ldr13.wordpress.com/ldr-activities/ Hope this helps!

    1. Thank you! I know the feeling. I still come online regularly looking for new ideas or to find old ideas I haven’t used yet. It’s the small things that make life and love so wonderful πŸ™‚

  7. Oh my what ideas you have given to me. I want to do a lot of these ideas and give to people to give their sweethearts. If I had on I’d give it to them, Oh well, everyone can’t be happily in love or a romantic.

  8. I am so excited to send each one to my Baby. 1 a week and soon ill be saying i do.. He deserves special unique gifts from the heart.
    And you have put them all togethe. My favorits are all yours.

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