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“I Do”


On April 4th I got to say I Do to the most amazing person I ever could have hoped to meet. He is my world, my better half and now, my husband! It’s hard to believe that 5 years ago a little online message sent halfway across the world, some letters, lots of Skype calls and many plane journeys would lead to the most happy life together here in England. I feel so very blessed; I wouldn’t change a thing!


 me n josh wedding

We had to rush things a little because in order to live together at his next base we need to be married. As it was too short of notice to plan something for all my Canadian relatives and friends we decided the two of us would just sign the papers and do a proper wedding celebration in 2019. Our “signing papers” kind of grew and grew but it was nice to have lots of people around us who care and it was a lovely pre-wedding, wedding.

We got ready together and walked down the aisle of the registry office together. Instead of a white dress we wore tweed. I had him a suit tailor-made which I think he looked awfully handsome in. I used my full name on the marriage certificate (I have 3 middle names) but didn’t realise they would use my full name all throughout the ceremony which made everyone crack up when my man had to say “I take you, Alanna-Lee-Sandra… Joy-Wilson…” He just about managed to remember them all 😉

The songs we chose were “Then – Brad Paisley” “Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not? – Thompson Square” “The Way You Look Tonight – Sinatra” and to mix things up a bit “Jump Around – House of Pain.” Afterwards (in British fashion) we went for tea overlooking the cathedral. Even the English think we looked ‘too English’ but I loved it.

It was such a happy day and I can’t wait for our adventures as husband and wife. I love that boy so much. He is and always will be the best thing that ever happened to me and I can’t wait to marry him again surrounded by all our friends and family in 2019 :).

30069760_798733890336725_1418047216_o (1).jpg


Wishing you all so much happiness in 2018!


Snowed in with my Love

10k run. He came 20th out of 584. Very proud ❤

It’s been a busy few weeks. We’ve been back to England visiting my man’s family, my athletic man ran a 10k while I drank hot chocolate and tried to keep warm and both of us have been very busy with work; report card writing was nearly the death of me!

On Wednesday those broad, fluffy flakes began to fall and having had a tough day at work last Wednesday was so relieved to have a snowday on Thursday and Friday making it a 4-day weekend! Wooo!

Other than getting some much-needed planning done for lessons and observations next week I also had some lovely downtime with my man. We played boardgames, snuggled, played videogames (which we haven’t done in about a year), took everything out of the fridge and had a toastie -making contest (he says I won, I say we tied!), had a glass of wine together and on the third day finally ventured out into the white wonderland for a little walk.

snowday2 snowday3

I upped my toastie presentation in the third round :p.


It’s been such a great chance to re-charge and spend some valuable couple time together. I’ve just ordered a bunch more board games so here’s to more cozy nights in!

Do you know of any fun board games for 2 players?

We’re Engaged!


I got the best Christmas present I could have ever wanted this Christmas… my wonderful, gorgeous other half for the rest of my life 🙂 Could not be happier!

I can’t believe it’s been nearly five years that we’ve been together and yet it’s hard to remember life before him. I’ve loved my life with him in the UK these past two and a half years, and although I occasionally miss home, it was the best decision I ever made moving across the ocean for the love of my life.

On December 23rd he whisked me away to the peak district (my favourite place in the world). We’d visited Derbyshire in August 2015 just after I moved here and I was completely amazed with how immensely stunning it was; pictures cannot capture the magic of this place.



We walked up the same peak as two years ago, though this time around was slightly more treacherous with the strong gusts of wind and the mud! But the view was so worth it. He tried to get me to come closer to the edge of the peak like last time but I was afraid we were going to blow right over! I said tomorrow’s papers would read “couple literally swept off their feet!”

My better half said some sweet things, gave me a good kiss and went down on one knee. He asked me to marry him on the top of the mountain and I said “Of course I will!”



It took us about two million years to get down because the hill was so wet and muddy and slippery but we met a family on their way up and they took this photo of us. It took about 10 minutes of slipping around to get into position!


I was really happy that he chose such a special and meaningful place to ask me to spend my life with him. I couldn’t have asked for more.

I joked with him that I passed the fitness test! A lifetime together is really good motivation for climbing mountains. He chose a beautiful ring filled with Canadian diamonds which was really thoughtful. Unfortunately it is a LOT too big so we’ve had to send it back to Canada to get remounted on a smaller band and it will be 9 weeks til I can wear it again. He says he’ll get me a Haribo ring in the meantime 😉

Afterwards we drove again through the gorgeous ravine below and marveled at the grassy, rocky peaks. Then we stayed the night at the Doubletree where we were greeted with cookies and spent some time in the pool and hot tub before heading out for dinner.


We had a lovely Christmas with his family which was filled with congratulations and snuggles and so much food and a champagne toast.

We’ve already booked in our wedding date in a year and a half’s time at the other most beautiful place in the world; a beautiful garden with my favourite, antiquated cathedral as the backdrop. It is the spot we happened upon during our anniversary two years ago and which we said on that evening would make a beautiful place for a wedding.

I can’t believe I get to marry the man of my dreams in the place I’ve been dreaming of since we stumbled upon this enchanted spot. I am overwhelmed with happiness and gratitude. This person has changed my world in the best possible way and I can’t wait for a lifetime of love and adventures with my husband by my side.



My post from our anniversary two years ago: https://ldr13.wordpress.com/tag/couple-who-have-closed-the-distance/

How did your proposal happen? 🙂

Wishing all of you romantics out there so much happiness! X

His Birthday and Our Canada Trip

Where does the time go? I’ve now been on supply for a few weeks which is sometimes lovely, sometimes stressful and sometimes leaves you needing a hot bath and a glass of wine by the end of the day but I like to think I’m learning a lot.

It was my wonderful man’s birthday a couple weeks back so I took him out for dinner and gave him a card with tickets inside to see the Tottenham Hotspurs. He has supported them all his life and has never seen them play so he was really excited! One thing I can say for supply is that I am so happy to have a little money coming in again. I had a particularly difficult class in my first week but being able to buy the football tickets at the end of it made it worth it!

Back in August we spent a month in Canada visiting my family in Ontario and Nova Scotia. We decided to make the 20-ish hour (each way!) drive between Ontario and Nova Scotia stopping over on the way there in Ottawa and on the way back in Quebec City. It’s the first time my man has seen any of the provinces besides Ontario and by the end of the trip we’d seen 5 out of 13. He’s now seen as many as I have!

We started out in Ontario visiting friends and family, boating, kayaking, tubing and doing cottagey things…


canada1.1 canada2.1

Next was a six hour drive to Ottawa (the capital city of Canada) to see two of my best friends. We spotted a giant turtle on the way but no moose or bears (I’ve always wanted to see a bear or a moose in the wild). We had a “natter” (as the British say) and then did the Ghost Walk through the old jail.

canadaott canadaott8.jpg

Afterwards we walked back toward Parliament Hill where there was a light show/documentary projection on the house of parliament.


The next day we went back but all the indoor tours were sold out! We didn’t realise how much tourism was up this year for Canada 150. We did a French tour of one of the other buildings (I picked up on the odd word but nodded as if I understood).



We had to take a photo with this statue of Terry Fox. A few months back when Josh passed his personal training fitness course I bought him Terry’s biography and we’ve been reading it together.

canadaott2 canadaott3


After walking around the downtown we caught a bus to the Canadian War Museum which was free on Thursdays from 4-8pm. It was absolutely massive and after more than two hours we’d only toured through approximately half. There were interactive displays, thousands of artifacts, a massive tank room and even Hitler’s original car which seemed very surreal.

canadaott7 canadaott5

We finished our stay in Ottawa by going for All-You-Can-Eat sushi which we have both missed since our last trip to Canada. Then it was onto our 13-ish hour drive to Nova Scotia! It was dark by the time we finally crossed the border.


After a good night’s sleep we decided to tour Fort Beausejour where the French/Acadians a.k.a my family fought with the British for many years. Luckily for Josh and I the French and the British get on much better nowadays 😉



A pair of primitive skates and of course, some snow shoes.

canadans7 canadans8

The Acadian girl and the British boy bringing peace to the county…


We shared a kiss in Shediac, New Brunswick on top of the largest lobster statue in the world. Not sure what competition is like when it comes to lobster statues. On the way home we passed some of the characteristic fishing boats on the sea floor. Nova Scotia and New Brunswick have the highest and lowest tides in the world.



On the way home we called in so that my sweetie could meet my grandad who at 89, still plays a mean game of checkers. No one can beat him!


We drove over Confederation Bridge which is over 12 miles long to visit the province of Prince Edward Island! Of course we stopped in at PEI’s most popular tourist attraction the Anne of Green Gables museum. We’ve been watching the new series on Netflix.


canadapei2 canadapei3

We stopped at Heather’s Beach to hang with some cool crabs…


canadacrab1 canadans3

Spent a very rainy day in Halifax which is somewhere I’d never been before. We walked the pier which seemed like a lovely place to be on a nice day. We sampled some seafood at Bicycle Thief and toured through the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.

ns4.jpg ns5

The next day was the highlight of the trip for me as I’ve wanted to see the iconic Hopewell Rocks (New Brunswick) for some time. We had booked in to kayak them at high tide but as the water was really choppy we didn’t get to go out. However I enjoyed walking the seafloor at low tide.



Feeling hopeful about kayaking later on we stopped in the village of nearby Amla, New Brunswick for a bite of seafood with a gorgeous sea view.




We at least got to see the Hopewell Rocks at high tide when we stopped in again on the way home.


After a family party it was on the road again for a 9 hour drive to Quebec City! I’d been here on a school trip years ago but I’d forgotten how incredibly picturesque it is. It’s the only place in Canada that reminds me of Europe. Plus I had a chance to practice a little French. We never wanted to leave!

Standing in front of the famous Chateau Frontenac hotel.


canadaqu canadaqu11

canadaqu1 canadaqu2


After a walk around the gorgeous city we stopped in at Le Chic Shack for some Canadian Poutine. I went for the original but my man’s more adventurous “La Braisee” was a total winner. This was the best thing we did in Quebec City: sit in the large open window enjoying Poutine and drinks and watching the horse carriages clip-clop by. It was one of those moments where you look around you (and at the wonderful company beside you) and think: this is what living is for.


God I love that boy.

canadaqu4 canadaqu5


After an al fresco drink and some more strolling we happened upon Lower Town which was utterly beautiful and charming. We even found the spot where Samuel de Champlain founded Quebec.




We walked until well after dark and the next morning set off back to Ontario. We rounded off the trip with a night at Medieval Times, an impromptu stop at the CNE and some more relaxing in cottage country.




A beaver dam!


Aye, aye captain!


I do miss my family and friends and my two hilarious little nephews who I got to know much better on this trip, but I feel so lucky to have two wonderful homes (vast Canada and the charming UK) and the most important home of all has become a person, rather than a place. 🙂



Canada Trip, Moving to Wales, University and New Jobs

Where has the time gone? Since my last post I went home for the first time since moving to England for 3 lovely weeks to see family and friends, to eat deep fried pickles everyday and to catch a Jays game 🙂 Unfortunately my one and only had to work, so it was a solo trip.




can6 can1 can7

Nova Scotia:


As soon as I got back to England we had to start packing up our home sweet home to move to Wales for my man to start a new job and for me to start my PGCE teaching program at a Welsh university. The fact that my man was moved to a new position near where I’m attending school was a complete, very lucky fluke. So I get to see him more than ever 😀

The past two months have been full of paperwork and stress and newness (and living out of a hotel for 6 weeks) but we saw each-other through it and are now getting settled in. I also lucked out because there are 13 other Canadians on my program so they are all going through all the things I did in my first year and we’ve all become fast friends. I absolutely love my program and how easy it has been to meet like-minded people after really struggling to make friends here for over a year. Yay!

Canada represent 😉


Exploring a bit of Wales (where we end up getting rained on just about every weekend :p):





OH YEAH, I’ve also learned to drive in the UK this past month! I traded in my Canadian license for a British one and bought myself a tiny little car  for this tiny little island. That has been equal parts terrifying and exciting. I constantly repeat “stay on the left, stay on the left, stay on the left…”

I’ve taught my first week of lessons at my placement this week which went altogether better than expected. In fact I’m really proud of the class and they’ve had some really sweet things to say, like, “can you teach us everyday?” Heart melted. The hours and days of lesson planning, having no life and panicking about teaching are all worth it when you hear that.

I’m also having to learn Welsh for my course (I was already working on learning French, so why not?). So far I can count to 19, ask your name; sut oy ti?, ask you to put your hand up; doily vuni, and say I like coffee; D’win hoffee coffee (even though I don’t). Also, fun fact: in Welsh a microwave is called a poppity ping (how Bendigedig is that?).

My man has been very supportive in more ways than one and I don’t know what I’d do without him. He really is the best person I could ever have met. Love him to bits.

Aaaand finally, we took a drive to Bath UK one weekend which was an AMAZING and a much needed break from all the hectic craziness. It deserves a post on it’s own if I ever get a chance to write it. Thank GOODNESS for half term this week! The past couple months have been a whirlwind, but I’m still here guys and loving life 😉


What’s new with you lot?! I hope you’ve all been very good, tres bien et hapis 🙂


Expat Life Lately: Gorgeous Yorkshire, New Novel and I’m Going “Home” :)

Two weekends ago we had a weekend staycation in Yorkshire. I have been dying to see the place since I moved over a year ago, not only because it looks storybook beautiful, but also because I feel a familial attachment to the place since the Wilson’s I’ve descended from originated there.

At the top of my list of places to see were the Bempton Cliffs and they did not disappoint. Photos honestly can’t do this coast justice. If you ever get the chance, go!


We were also lucky enough that we were just in time to see the last of the Puffins before they migrate in mid July. Puffins are tiny and geisha-like around the eyes, with orange webbed feet and beaks. They look quite funny when they fly, as being water birds, they aren’t all that suited to flying. As you can’t make them out in any of my own photos I’ll include an internet photo below.


We walked out onto the three platforms and along the Bempton Conservation area paths, and then ventured further on, to the more wild part of the cliffs. It was there we found the most serene spot atop an impending bit of cliff, and we sat there in the grass a while marveling at the sea and the cliffs and at how wonderful it was to be there together.


After our fill of salt air we drove onto York where we spent the night. York is a gorgeous cathedral city, filled with offbeat bustling side streets and vendors in market squares. It’s absolutely buzzing with life, from young hippie’s to decked-out Ghost Walk actors to blissfully drunk bachelorette’s; even the leaning old buildings look like they’ve had a few.


I was so excited when I stumbled upon The Shambles; a street which has survived since the fourteenth century. I was mainly entranced because it was apparently J.K. Rowling’s inspiration for Diagon Alley, and as soon as you see it, you can see why.


While it was once a street of butcher’s shops and the original hooks still adorn the buildings, it is now a tourist spot filled with knick-knack shops, tea parlours and candy stores. My favourite shop on Diagon Alley was the one with free potion… I mean, tea samples. Accio teacup!


I had to take home some Berry Beauty as it was too delicious to pass up.

We also visited the famous Betty’s tearoom. I love that the wait staff look straight out of Downton Abbey (they even sound like them!) and it definitely felt like a fancy experience. I have to say the afternoon tea just couldn’t measure up to the lovely tea shop right here in town (I love a really moist scone) but my man’s Swiss breakfast was out of this world. He said it was the best breakfast he’s ever had and having had a bite or two… or three, I have to say he wasn’t lying! That potato rosti was a revelation.

swiss breakfast

The queue when we left curled around the block! Popular place.


We spent the rest of the day walking the old stone walls of the Roman fortress that surrounds York and then popped into the sunny garden at Grey’s Court Hotel for a drink and some Italian aperitivo. I was astounded at how lavish this hotel and restaurant was (we were totally NOT dressed for it :p).

yorkwall yorkwall2


greyscourt2 greyscourt3

This little getaway concluded Josh’s 3 weeks of holidays which meant he stayed in Yorkshire where he’s working at the moment and I caught a very delayed train back to our home. It’s definitely been hard going back to only seeing each-other at weekends, but at least we are no longer oceans apart.

We spent this past weekend eating good food, chilling together and going to a friend’s birthday. It was our last one before I head off to Canada for the better part of August. I’m gutted my sweetheart can’t come but work calls. He told me to make sure I come back 🙂 I told him that my home is wherever he is. I’m seriously going to miss him.

He also mentioned the other night that while he was away with work he was listening to my old singing videos on Youtube which I thought was the sweetest thing ever. Even after three years together he amazes me all the time. He’s still so proud of me and so constantly loving and I absolutely adore him for it. I wish every man could be like him. There aren’t words for how much I love him.

And, if I’ve been a little MIA recently it’s because I’ve just started writing the sequel to The Long Distance Diaries! I know, I still have to go about properly trying to get the first book published but I figure now that I’m off work on school holidays and bored out of my noggin I may as well take advantage of the opportunity to write.

Annnd when I come back from my Canada trip we will both be moving to Wales as that’s where his work will be based for the next couple of years and I’ll be going to Uni there to become a teacher. We will be living together and going home to each-other every night for the first time ever and I can’t wait :).

Cheerio old chaps!



Expat Life Lately: The Seaside and Painting


Two weekends ago we spent a cloudy, though lovely Saturday at the seaside in Hunstanton. We walked over the coarse, seaweed-strewn sand, and upturned gull-grey rocks looking for crabs. We found one!


He was awfully skiddish and hard to catch. Especially if you’re a bit nervous like I was. But we became fast friends. And by fast friends I mean he kept trying to pinch me and I narrowly resisted the urge to drop him.

me and crab

A trip to the seaside wouldn’t be complete without visiting the candy shop on the pier for some sweet treats. I bought a bag of sour keys and it took me right back to being a young teen, spending every last cent of my lunch money on sweets and sneaking them in class all afternoon. They weren’t stale like they so often are; they were soft and moreish. Can’t wait to go back and buy more.

My man bought a cup of cockles to snack on; how he eats those things I have no idea, but they’re a big hit at the seaside in England.


As we traipsed along the shoreline, delighting in the salt air I couldn’t help but think that I have such a good life. And to reflect on how thankful I am.


My man also found the teeniest, tiniest crab ever. Don’t know how he ever spotted this little guy!

tiny crab


Sunday held rain in store so we decided to finally get out the paint we bought months ago and paint our bedroom. We painted it in a grey Valspar paint called Hinkypunk. I adore the colour, and my man for letting me nautical-ize most of the house. The fact that the name is Harry Potter related was a happy coincidence :).

In between coats the sun came out and we had a splendid lay in the backyard hammock which rocked us both off to sleep.


I’m happy we’ve been able to bring a bit of the seaside to our bedroom as it’s one of my most favourite places in the world. I also found the most adorable photo frame today and had to get it for our room.

crab photo frame

What’s your favourite thing to eat at the seaside?


Expat Life Lately: Old English Streets and Lincoln Cathedral

The past few weeks have been filled with dismal British weather, Brexit hysteria and pangs of homesickness. But they’ve also been wonderfully brimming with time spent with my better half who is now off for 3 weeks.

We have been waiting with bated breath for two long months now for a nice, sunny weekend to go to Yorkshire; the birth place of my 3x great grandfather. However we’ve been trying to make the most of the uncooperative weather by doing some shorter trips close to home.

We took a lovely stroll through scenic Ely the other weekend. It’s one of my favourite spots to visit and even though I’ve now seen the majestic and imposing Westminster Abbey and Lincoln Cathedral, Ely Cathedral, with it’s intricate detail and framed by farmer’s fields and a beautiful garden, is still the most special to me.


I just loved this vintage bike leaning up against the mottled English brick. We stopped in nearby Waterside Antiques Centre which is the largest antiques shop I’ve ever been in and absolutely awash with precious history. From furniture and dusty leather-bound books to war memorabilia to vintage teapots to Anglo-Saxon and Roman rings and coins. I could have spent a week perusing the teetering, treasure-strewn aisles.


elycathedral2 elyagain

The weekend after, we made a day trip to Lincoln. Though the weather was cloudy and cool the rain mostly held off and we had a nice time panting up Steep Hill (this eclectic street is named for obvious reasons). It is sprinkled with antique clothes and bookstores, posh tea houses, intimate pubs offering respite to weary hill-climbers and specialty tea, liquor and sweet shops.

lincoln steep hill bookstore

steep hill  steep hill 2

Once we finally made it up Steep Hill we had a lovely view of the substantial Lincoln Cathedral. My one regret is that we didn’t do a circle around it, as often I find the back of a cathedral (like Ely’s) is more spectacular. We did quickly pop inside to view the high ceilings and stained glass but decided to forgo the 8£ ticket to go further inside.

lincoln cathedral (2)

lincoln cathedral2

Instead we opted to tour through Lincoln castle, opposite the cathedral. Lincoln castle was built in the 11th century by William the Conqueror on the remains of an old Roman fort. It has been used as a prison and a court in times past and today is used as a museum as well as a courthouse.

lincoln castle7

lincoln castle 8

lincoln castle

At the moment there is a poppy wave display which can be seen in the photo below to mark the centenary of the first world war.

lincoln castle 3

You can walk a circular loop atop it’s old stone walls which offer a great view of the city and of Lincoln cathedral. Occasionally you’ll happen upon plaques with some history about the place but these were often a bit too macabre for my tastes.

lincoln castle5

One of it’s main attractions today is the magna carta. A document dating from 1215 signed by King John which limited the power of the monarchy and gave rights to its citizens such as the right to a fair trial, and made it illegal for royal officials to take crops, horses, carriages, wood etc,. from it’s people without the owners consent and without payment. This was a first draft to some of the rights we take for granted today.

Lincoln cathedral houses one of only four surviving original parchment drafts as well as two other important historical documents.

lincoln castle 9

We also toured the jails and more of the grounds but I’ll do a review post one of these days with more of that.

This weekend promises to be another cloudy one so the plan is cooking, cuddling and date night tonight :). I’ve been wanting to see “Me Before You” at the theater so my other half is taking me to see it! Can’t wait.



Expat Life Lately: A British Wedding, Gardening and Food Faves


A couple weeks back my other half and I got all dolled up to attend his friend’s sister’s wedding. It was a beautiful, cool evening spent dancing, chatting, sipping cocktails in the ivy-clad garden and just generally getting swept up in the romance. And of course sharing a peck or two.

I was really happy that the bartender was able to make me a seabreeze cocktail after we looked up the recipe online (something I haven’t had since moving). All of the popular drinks back home are unheard of here!


I was lucky that my man’s cousin had given me one of her old dresses a while back which happened to fit me perfectly and I found a simple black clutch at a charity shop for 4£ the day of. We had a really nice time together.

After two weeks of rain I finally got a nice day to plant my strawberries 🙂 I’ve done two hanging baskets with a few different varieties: Honeoye, Hapil and Cambridge Favourite. I’ll let you know what my favourite pick is once I get some berries!


The yellow and green Courgette’s (Zucchini’s) are growing ever bigger by the day and I hope to have some big enough to pick in the next 2-3 weeks 🙂 They’ve grown even since I took this photo a week or so ago.

courgette courgette2

And the most beautiful new guest to arrive in the garden is this Sunset Orange rose. Dad and I planted it last fall when he visited and this is the first time I’ve seen it bloom. It is the most stunning peach colour.

sunset orange

The spring and summer weather means changing tastebuds; from hot comfort foods to refreshing salads and summer veggies.

Some of my favourite home cooking dishes as of late have been pork (marinated in sweet chilli, wholegrain mustard, honey and mango/lime sauce), red cabbage (this vegetable has really grown on me since moving to the UK), and salads with basil and lettuce from the garden. And I love cheese anytime of year; this baked Camembert with cranberry sauce and toasted bakery bread is one of my simplest and most delicious recipes.

pork salad4 salad3 camembert

We were also lucky enough to stumble upon the Port & Sail pub in Snape, Suffolk while out for a country drive and the food was superb. From the creamy deep-fried brie to the punch of sundried tomato hummous to the delectable, tender chicken kiev. Yum!

Also, who wouldn’t love a town called Snape for obvious Harry Potter related reasons? 🙂


brie chickenkiev

Now that I’ve made you all incredibly hungry, have a wonderful rest of your weekend! What’s your favourite spring/summer food?

Cheerio! x


Expat Life Lately: Gardening and Buckingham Palace

We’ve had a really great couple of weekends spent together from hot sunny days spent at garden centres and planting in our garden, to me actually attempting to run with my other half, to bouncing off the walls with friends at a trampoline park, to drives down delightful, meandering country roads, to visiting London.

We’ve added a few new pops of colour to the garden along with some rustic baskets.


flowers3 flowers5

Our favourite new addition however is the stunning violet rhododendron we found and planted last weekend that really brightens up the yard.



And of course I had to get a sunflower as they are my favourite flower in the world. Unfortunately the garden snails have decided it’s also their favourite flower in the world… to snack on.


I transferred my vegetable plants outside and they are growing by the day. So far I’ve raised carrots, lettuce, courgettes, and lots of tomato plants from seed. Tomato varieties include cherry, sweet million, moneymaker and first in the field.


And just today I went outside to find that my plants have sprouted teeny, tiny yellow and green zucchini’s!

zucchini3 zucchini4

Last weekend we also took a last-minute train journey to London to visit one of my man’s cousins who recently moved there, and spent a lovely sunny day walking about. We had to stop by Buckingham Palace to say happy birthday to the queen of course! And had a purse-lightening shop at the Buckingham Palace gift shop for presents to send home to Canada.

It was extra special as this is the first time we’ve been back to Buckingham Palace together since my first visit to England over 2 years ago. I had no idea then that in a couple years time I’d be living here. Crazy where life takes us 🙂 It was a much nicer day than the first time we were here!

buckingham palace

(Throwback to 2 years ago)

buckingham palace 2

It was the first time I’ve ever seen MI-5 (the world’s most non-secret, secret organization) made famous in the Bond films.


I also saw this dude. Captain James Cook, explorer, navigator and cartographer who was the first European to make contact with New Zealand. Lively chappie.


Strolled past the National Art Gallery.


And of course, finished off a British pub.



I could honestly spend days just wandering aimlessly around London; there are so many intricate nooks and crannies steeped in history. From timeworn, cozy pubs and posh tea houses to vast, limestone museums coveting some of the world’s most precious artefacts.

Unfortunately this past week and weekend I’ve been battling a sinus infection, horrendously painful ear infection, cough, fever, chills and tummy bug which has made me absolutely miserable. It’s times like this I really miss mum and dad. Luckily I’ve had my man here to look after me this weekend and today I finally feel well enough to come out of my bed slash hobbit hole.

I hate to be a downer and it doesn’t make for an interesting read, so I don’t normally mention it but I have been sick with a sinus infection which has triggered various other side effects (including a relentless cough) for the past 7 months without a break; something I’ve struggled with all my life. I’m that person that people constantly say “how are you sick AGAIN?” But this week I’ve finally been referred to an ear, nose and throat specialist and am holding out hope that I won’t have to continue living life being sick more often than well. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

What is your favourite flower or thing to grow in the garden?

Toodle lou!