LOVE – A Day of Presents


In my “LDR Birthday Ideas…” blog post I posted about sending your sweetie 12 presents so that they could open one each hour on their birthday. In case you are looking for present ideas, here are all the ones I sent my darling for his 🙂


I started off the day at 7am when he was allowed to open his first present. The first present was a batch of envelopes that say “open when…” For example, “open when you’re mad at me,” “open when you miss me,” “open when you’re stressed,” “open when you’re bored,” “open when you’re in the mood,” and “open when it’s your birthday!”  ballonmessage  birthday boy ribbon

In the “open when it’s your birthday” envelope I included a homemade card, balloons that I had written cute messages on and a birthday boy ribbon to wear to the bar to get more free drinks… however I did write “no kissing the…” birthday boy on it in thin marker 😉

To see what I put in each envelope, click here:


Present number 2. was a beer opener key chain with a maple leaf on it to remind him of his girl in Canada and present number 11. was a hockey puck since hockey is what Canada is known for.


Present number 3. was a photo frame that I made him with a photo of us in it. Had such a hard time getting the stickers to stick on!


Present number 4. was a small box of assorted chocolates from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.


Present 5. was two Oh Henry bars (my fav. chocolate bar that I’ve now got him hooked on :p). Present 7. was his favourite candy (gummy bears).


Present 6. was a pair of boxers that glow in the dark (from American Eagle) with dinosaurs on them. I like them because anything that glows in the dark is awesome and also they remind me of the Jurassic Park ride at Universal Studios which was our favourite ride when we went there 🙂 American Eagle usually has a few styles of glow-in-the-dark boxers with some sort of sexual innuendo on them :p


Present 8. was a remote control helicopter because boys like toys :p I took it out of it’s original packaging which took up alot of room and put it inside this map photo box where my honey can keep all the letters and little presents I send him (I bought myself a matching one to keep his letters in).

Speed To Market 09-05-06 Final.xls

Present 9. was beef jerky which I learned he really likes when we were in Florida.

american eagle t

Present 10. was an American Eagle T-shirt similar to this one (they don’t have American Eagle in England and he really liked the store when he was here).


And present 12. was a pair of Ralph Lauren shoes he had his eye on in Florida that I went back and bought after he’d flown back home.

My darling really appreciated all the thought put into his presents; I think he spent the whole day thanking me (he’s kind of a sweetheart :p). I will warn you though that even though the box was lightweight it still cost 85$ to ship (and I sent it two months ahead of time since the shipping is 4-6 weeks).

Feel free to comment below with your best present ideas 🙂

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38 thoughts on “LOVE – A Day of Presents

  1. This was awesome! I’m in Michigan and my boy is in England so this really hit me hard in the feelings 💖

    1. Aww that’s awesome! Sorry for my late reply I’m in England at the moment with the boy so I haven’t been online much. When do you get to see your boy again? 🙂

  2. My boy and I live together, but I still think I could tweak this idea and make him a similar gift for his birthday or maybe our anniversary.

    Thanks for the awesome idea!!!

    (p.s. Love your profile picture!)

  3. Hey! i love your bloggg. this is the second time i read this. 🙂 tomorrow is valentine’s dayy. im getting married!! hhaha.
    Can you tell us what you got him for tomorrow? 🙂 your ideas are inspiring. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!
    Rashan. 🙂 -Lebanon

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Wow, that will be one amazing Valentines day!

      I usually go all out for V-day but as we were together until recently and a package takes 6 weeks to arrive I didn’t have time to put something proper in the mail. Plus we are both pretty broke at the moment lol. We’re doing it super simple this year. I just made a homemade card and sent some candy and chocolate… I was going to get him a massage certificate for the spa but we decided we will treat each-other to a couples massage when we are next together instead.

      I am working on a DIY photo frame today though for our home, and I’m sure he will like it once it’s done.

      Have an amazing day tomorrow, congrats! Best wishes to you both.


      1. my guy is a foreign exange student from italy and he’s leaving next week!! So i might need to use your idea:(

  4. I have just been reading some of your ideas and they are amazing. My boyfriend lives in America and I live in England and this will really help with his birthday and christmas that is coming up!!

  5. I read this and it is inspiring. I am going to visit my boyfriend in Chicago on the 26th and I am still wondering what to get him for Christmas, this made me get some ideas! Thank You!!!

  6. How cute! My fiancee is from Canada as well and I made him a nice picture frame with 2 halves of a heart made out of small maps from both our origin points. He seems to also enjoy most of the gifts you gave to your guy. So adorable!

    1. I’ll bet your photo frame turned out great that sounds really cute 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, all the best to you and your long distance man x

  7. Woow… What a great idea…I like ur ideas.. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing a great idea.. I’m sure this is going amazing for my sweetheart…

  8. This is a VEEERRRRRYY SWEEEET idea indeed. YOU NAILED IT! If my wife does anything like this for me…..I’d marry her again! Lol
    Real cool, that’s how you keep ’em!

    1. Thanks 🙂 I really enjoy putting a smile on his face; try to surprise him with something out of the ordinary every couple weeks or so. Keeps things fun!

  9. This idea is too cute. I think that it was pretty awesome that you put so much planning and thought into each and every gift. He’s a very lucky man. I wish the two of you much love in the future as well as now.

  10. I really love your idea! I was lost for waht to for him, he is in NY and I’m in Mexico, for sure im going to do this!!

    Thanks for the amazing idea ❤️

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