2. Our Second Meeting (In England)!

After six long months of waiting, Skyping, missing and yes, even falling in love it was finally the day I was going to see my baby again. I sat on the delayed British Airways plane for two hours before it finally took off, and after another six hours we broke through the cloud and happened upon a sunny London. It felt surreal as I snuck glances out the window from my aisle seat; like something out of a storybook or a dream. That’s when the butterflies started; I got a little nervous wondering what it would be like to see him again after so long.

Josh had been eager to get out of the house and to the airport so by the time I got off the plane he’d been there waiting for four hours. A fact that I found very sweet. He said he got a nervous feeling too when he saw my plane had landed.

After the border people asked me about thirty questions which I happily answered, always eager to talk about the man I am proud to call my boyfriend, I took a subway (sorry –the tube-) to another terminal, then alot of escalators, then found the baggage claim all the while wondering if he’d be waiting there through the next set of doors. After gathering my bag and following the exit signs I finally found myself in the arrivals area. I didn’t see Josh at first but luckily he saw me and found me in the crowd. He looked so handsome; his dark hair gelled in that way he does it, a contagious smile, and, was he always that tall? We wrapped each other up in a long overdue hug and kiss. He smelled wonderful. I was so busy looking at my man that I hadn’t even seen the bouquet of lilies and pink roses he carried for me until after we broke from our embrace. As I took the beautiful bouquet from him and he took my million ton suitcase off of me I sure felt like the luckiest girl in the world (but then, I had felt like the luckiest girl in the world everyday since he’d come into my life).

Things felt natural, yet also a little first-date-like. I kept sneaking quick glances at him as he drove and stealing kisses. I twined my fingers in his and laid my head on his shoulder; these are the kinds of things you really miss when separated by computer screens. All the nerves had dissipated in that first airport hug and now we were just a normal couple driving down the wrong side of the road together. It was wonderful.

That first night I got to meet his family; they were all so warm and welcoming and made me feel right at home as I baked oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. We went to Cambridge and did a little shopping; went to one of Josh’s favourite eating spots – “Nando’s.” I was pleased with all the red phone booths and double deckers and the lack of snow. Josh had booked us a hotel in London for four days and planned a surprise date for us on Friday night. His dad dropped us off and then got lost for two hours trying to get home :p. It was fun getting into our best dress and sipping wine at the beautiful Royal Albert Hall listening to Christmas Carols. I got to meet many of his friends which were lovely. Did the Museum of Natural History, went skating, toured the Museum of Science, ate alot of pub food, saw Platform 9 and ¾ at King’s Cross Station, rode the tube all over London, saw Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and rode the London Eye… and my favourite London attraction – he took me to the Harry Potter Studio Tour! It was A-mazing! I bought matching Gryffindor hats for Josh and I and while he’s not really a Potterhead himself he said he’d wear it if it made me happy. I just love him J. He liked the tour so much that we ended up watching the Harry Potter series from the beginning over the next couple weeks. We’ll have to finish the next 4 via Skype dates :p. After the tour we got Starbucks; he tried my Chai Tea Latte and has become completely addicted to them.

We arrived back in his hometown after the H.P tour on Christmas Eve and spent Christmas day with a lot of his family. It was a really nice day getting to know everyone; you couldn’t ask for a nicer family. Some of them said it’s as if I’ve just been a part of the family forever. It felt really good to be so included and accepted. Unfortunately I came down with a wicked cold Christmas evening and spent the next few days taking it easy. Though it lasted the duration of the trip after that we still managed to visit more with his family and friends (I got laugh out of when one of his cousins innocently and loudly asked, “so do you have other boyfriends or just Josh?”), went golfing twice, went to a couple Cambridge United soccer games with his dad, played boardgames, ate a lot of Indian food, I took my man out for a nice meal at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant, we walked around scenic Ely and visited the Cathedral there, watched adorable home videos of Josh as a kid, looked through old photo albums with his mum, cooked together, cuddled, one night I gave him a back massage and on another night he blow-dried my hair for me at 2am, and watched alot of movies. I am now addicted to the show “the inbetweeners;” one night we laughed for ten minutes over an episode. Josh had to go back to camp the last week I was there but he came home every night save for one when he wasn’t able and of course he came home for our last weekend together.

I thought after spending 24/7 together we might be getting on each other’s nerves but the whole trip we got along really well and I didn’t wanna go home. Josh kept saying he was going to burn my passport and keep me there forever J. Sunday morning I was feeling a bit teary at having to go home and he told me “I don’t wanna see any tears.” So you can imagine my surprise when, after ten minutes of goodbye hugs and kisses at the airport security gate I looked up to see his eyes glistening and red. It was completely unexpected and it both broke and warmed my heart to see how much I meant to him. I of course then began getting choked up myself but we managed to pry ourselves away. I can still clearly see the look on his face as we watched each other and walked our separate paths. I had told Josh to look under his seat when he got back in the car and he said that’s what he did straight away and found a packet of beef jerky I’d hidden under there with a love note. I gathered myself together, made a quick stop at a souvenir shop and just barely made my flight home. As sad as it was to go home I couldn’t help feeling utterly happy at just having spent an amazing month with the most incredible boy, and knowing that we’d see each other again.

By the time I got home I had a handful of sweet messages waiting for me and he said he was already looking up flights to come see me J. I really don’t know how I ever got so lucky, but I am so thankful that one day when I was bored I messaged a handsome British boy on a dating site cause I thought he’d have a cute accent thinking nothing would come of it. And somehow, found the one person (other than myself) crazy enough to fall head over heels for someone who lives 3,000 miles away.

He is everything that I’ve always hoped to find in a person; he is thoughtful, loving, committed, fun, consistent, kind, handsome, modest, strong, funny, and yes, he has the cutest accent ;).

All dressed up for the Royal Albert Hall :)
All dressed up for the Royal Albert Hall 🙂

royalalbert   Beautiful flowers Josh brought me at the airport :)

Inside the Royal Albert Hall/ Flowers Josh brought me at the airport 🙂

Museum of Natural History!
Museum of Natural History!

Josh and I in the real live Hogwarts Great Hall :)Josh and I in the real live Hogwarts Great Hall 🙂

Platform 9 and 3/4 at King's Cross Station!  Platform 9 and 3/4 at King’s Cross Station!

phonebooth    Some friendly dueling at the 9 and 3/4 shop :)

Phone boxes! / Some friendly dueling at the 9 and 3/4 shop 🙂
Found the tardis!
Found the tardis!

On the London EyeOn the London Eye

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

Umbrella Josh got me :)
Umbrella Josh got me 🙂

england6  Skating 🙂

14 thoughts on “2. Our Second Meeting (In England)!

  1. This was so lovely to read! My boyfriend is in the Air Force so we are currently 3500 miles apart (me in England, him in Maryland, USA) so reading this and what you felt before seeing your boyfriend was all so familiar! Love your Pinterest ideas and your blog- I wish you both lots of happiness 🙂

    1. It’s always nice to meet people who can relate 🙂 How long have you two been doing long distance? It’s definitely a challenge but I love getting creative with it and he’s worth every minute 😉

      Thanks for the kind words I wish you and your man all the best! xo

      1. He left here just over a year ago. I’ve been to visit a few times and have a flight booked for the end of March. I am sooooo excited- I’m sure you know the feeling!
        Definitely difficult, but as you say- totally worth it! 🙂 xx

  2. Hi! I could have sworn I’ve been to this website before but after reading through some of the post I realized it’s new to me. Anyways, I’m definitely happy I found it and I’ll be book-marking and checking back often!

  3. Hi, I love your story, so romantic! I wish you so much happiness. It sounds like he lives close to Cambridge. I have a cousin there in Huntingdon. BTW, they own a really nice jewelry store there at 3A Darling Mews, Ramsey, Huntingdon. Just in case:)

    1. Thank you so much 🙂 He does live over Cambridge way; so beautiful in that area, but then I think just about everywhere in England is beautiful! I will keep their jewellery store in mind, I do love shiny things lol Thanks for the read and the kind words xx

  4. Well I am in Victoria now living the Skype dream with my man. I am trying to get my Visa right so we can get married in Jolly “Ol England. He lives in Somerset. we have been together for 13 yrs so its not new, but when you wrote about how much a simple hand hold means when you haven’t seen each other, my heart melted. I love him more than I ever thought I could. This time apart ( 1year) has made me so appreciative of all his amazing qualities. I am really enjoying all your posts. Hope I get to England soon!! All the best.

    1. Wow 13 years long distance is an amazing feat. I cried at the train station yesterday cause he’ll be gone for 3 weeks… think im getting soft since we closed the distance lol can’t imagine having to be apart for a year. I hope you two deserving lovebirds will be able to close the distance soon! Warmest wishes to you both xx

  5. My beloved and I just ended our first visit to see each other and I drove her to the airport earlier this morning. It truly is the most heart-breaking thing to let go of her again having had nearly 5 years apart. I can relate so much to your story, seeing how much I’ve been tearing up just today. We first met on a forum for a kid’s game – aged 13 and 14. We started dating online in secret 4 years and 1 month ago and even though her parents discovered us, mine never did. I pretty much hid her from my world, because I was worried my parents would try to stop the relationship. One year ago, we broke up and that was devastating for me but in that hurt, I got the courage to tell my parents everything about us. They were surprised but actually very supportive, and a few months ago, we ended up planning a trip for her to stay with us. We still haven’t technically got back together (she said she wants to though, once she has moved) because the reasons we broke up were mostly because of big changes in her life and she wasn’t sure how I’d fit until we met. She lives in California and I’m from Victoria, Australia – roughly 7000 miles between us. We’re both currently in uni – well, at least she’s starting college in a few weeks and for college, she’s moving to Kentucky, which adds another 2600 miles between us (almost ten thousand total ): )… Anyway, that was kinda rambling. I guess I just wanted to thank you for the stories as they really encourage me now that I’m feeling miserable about having to be so far away again. I hope everything goes well for the two of you! 🙂

    1. That is a long ways away. I’m glad you finally got to meet after all those years. I hope that you will both find much happiness 🙂 x

  6. I just love reading your blog my dear. I love how simple you write but yet very descriptive and the details you give… probably writing a novel would be something you ought to look into.

    Being in an LDR my self, I believe this is just making me feel a bit better. Because sometimes when you are in such a setup you feel at times you just feel there are days that are hard and some that are so easy.


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