1. Meeting my LDR Sweetheart for the First Time :)


I’m a Canadian girl, and one day on a whim I messaged a very cute British boy on a dating site thinking nothing would come of it. To my surprise we quickly fell head over heels for each-other. On that first night we messaged each-other he stayed up the better part of the night and only got in an hour or two of sleep before beginning work at six am the next day (I hadn’t realized the time difference!). On our second Skype chat he said he would fly here to see me; very unused to that sort of commitment I thought he was kidding. A week in he drunkenly professed his love for me via Skype. I thought he may be a tad crazy, but as we talked each and everyday I realized he was just crazy about me, and that I felt the same.


I wrote him a song, and clumsily strummed my guitar to it on Youtube. He said he thought it was amazing, that he couldn’t believe someone would write a song for him. He told me out of the blue often that I was beautiful. That he loved my brown eyes (that I didn’t like). He appreciated all of my little surprises. He was amazed by me in a way that I’d always wished someone would be, and I was amazed by him too. By his kindness, by his electrifying smile, by his humbleness, by those gorgeous green eyes, by his perfect nose (that he didn’t like), by the way he made each of my days so much better.


We found ourselves talking about each-other constantly, eager to show anyone short of a stranger a photo of the person who had come into our world and turned it upside-down. He played my music for family, he told people about the novels I had written. I told people of his job in the army, his travels, and how sweet he was to me. He was proud of me, supportive, loving, he was on my side. It finally made sense how a relationship was supposed to be. There were no games with him, no waiting by the phone, no hiding my feelings or having to play it cool, no having the rug ripped from beneath me… just honest, constant love. Something I had never known.


One day while Skyping him at his army base he told me, while laying on his cot in a room full of soldiers how he couldn’t wait to lay beside me and look into my eyes. Of course the “lads” began to tease him, and he replied “What? That’s how you talk to someone you’re crazy about!” It was perfect, and still makes me smile. There was no hiding our feelings for each-other. Though when I told him he was lookin handsome in front of his family and friends over Skype he did turn the colour of a tamah-oh (that’s how he says tomato in his British accent… he always gets a kick out of when I try to imitate it).


We talked for three months about the first time that we would finally lay eyes on each-other at the airport. How I’d be there waiting, searching strangers faces until my gaze met those handsome green eyes, and how I would run and jump into his arms. Or perhaps, how we would coyly make our way to each-other and embrace in one of those awkward ass-out hugs before walking to the car hand-in-hand on a beautiful Florida afternoon. Of course, it didn’t happen at all like we’d imagined.


In reality my plane was delayed an hour and it turns out the drive from my airport to his was two hours, not the forty-five minutes I had thought. Additionally, a torrential downpour rolled in and at times I couldn’t even see the hood of my car on the highway. I had made two wonderful new friends on my flight over; a girl about my age named Tamara who turned out to be an actress on one of my favorite shows, and her mother Maria. Like me they were headed to Tampa, and instead of renting a car I offered to give them a lift. They told me they didn’t want to intrude on our romantic moment but also admitted they were curious to see what would happen :p. I stopped quickly by my dad’s vacation house where we’d be staying and changed into the outfit I’d long had planned. I wore my hair down and straight, high-waisted white shorts, a blue lace top and matching heels, plus the bluebird earrings he’d sent me for my birthday.


By the time I finally arrived at the Tampa airport my sweetheart had been waiting there for 3 hours (he had left his house for the journey from England to Florida 23 hours earlier!). He must have been exhausted but he didn’t look it. I crept along the departures lane ready to catch a glance of the boy I’d waited months to see hoping he hadn’t caught a flight right back to England after waiting there so long for me. Near the end of the lane way there he was… tall, in a white dress shirt and dark wash jeans with suitcase in hand looking all sorts of handsome. He pulled his luggage around back and I popped the trunk (slash boot). He plunked his suitcase in as I apologized for the delay. We had time for a quick embrace and a peck on the lips before we were hurried on our way. Not quite the Oscar winning embrace we’d imagined! Tamara traded him the shotgun seat as I began introducing everyone and explaining everything. We held hands, sneaking glances at each-other. He was even more gorgeous in 3D than I’d imagined, and he later told me he thought the same thing when he’d first laid eyes on me. It felt surreal, as we sat in Maria’s livingroom side-by-side having a drink with our new friends. It was finally happening. After 3 months of bad internet connections, dropped calls, technical and time difference difficulties, we were finally together, and it was so wonderful.


We spent two amazing weeks together. We did Universal Studios. Toured the Everglades. Held an alligator. Swam in the ocean. Took a road trip to Miami. Ate cookie dough ice cream in the rain. Made heart-shaped foods. Watched movies. Did the Edison and Ford Museum. Did karaoke. Visited friends. Cuddled. Rode in a limo. Went out for dinner. Stayed in for dinner. Did a photo shoot. Played pool. Sat at a restaurant over the water and watched a beautiful lightening storm in the distance. When he carried me over the puddles at Fort Myers beach a man behind us joked “you’re making the rest of us look bad!”


My sweetie told me on his way over he flew over “Nova Scotchya” (instead of Nova Scotia) which made me giggle. In his defense I pronounced his hometown wrong for quite a while. I also found it funny that he was amazed by Wal-Mart and was always wanting to go there. He thought it was funny when I’d say things like “cologne” or “house coat.” I found it hilarious when he’d say “that’s bollocks” or “I’m knackered” (pronounced knackaahd). When I dropped him at the airport I handed him a love letter that said I had hidden some beef jerky in his carry-on luggage, and when I got home from dropping him at the airport I found a note under my pillow that said “I miss you.” Turns out we’d both hidden a little surprise on each-other 😉


We are always making each-other laugh with our language differences (don’t get us started on how to say Barbados). And now I am saving my pennies for a flight to England and I am officially his “bird” (girlfriend). That first meeting might not have happened quite the way we’d pictured, but it didn’t matter. It was perfect, cause we were together. Can’t wait until we are together again ❤



menjosh3  Me and my honey at his favourite store, Wal-Mart!


Hogwarts in the background (at Universal Studios!)


Stopped for a drink in Miami 🙂

clue: youtube


Universal again… the Jurassic Park ride was our favourite. So good!


4th of July at Siesta Key in Sarasota

menjoshalligator  menjosh8


Our last photo together on the trip, at the airport. Not gonna lie

got a little teary after he went through the gates. I’ll be seeing you

my love ❤


Heres the song I wrote him called “He Wears Combats, She Wears Cowboy Boots”:

187 thoughts on “1. Meeting my LDR Sweetheart for the First Time :)

  1. You are so sweet couple! …My boyfriend and me are also far away from each other now. Your story gives me hope that our one will have a happy ending too.

  2. Hiya my boyfriend is in England and I’m in Scotland am 14 I’m seeing him soon again ❤️❤️ This story made me so happy to know it is possible to be successful

    1. We never really did that we knew when we began talking that it was a serious thing so it never really had to be said. I knew he was committed to me and he knew I was committed to him 🙂 he asked me one day before we met if i was exclusive to him, i said of course i was and he said good me too. The way he used to carefully bring up these things was so sweet as if it wasn’t blatantly obvious that I was completely enamoured with him lol. I did put it on facebook when we were in florida though n he seemed quite happy about it. So I guess I was the one who asked him to be my “official” boyfriend even though it was always official.

      Best wishes to you x

      1. Thank you for answering. I’m kinda in the same situation. Though he told me he loves me in my native language but not in english though. I’m a mixed asian/european woman living in europe and he’s an aus guy. I never had a foreigner guy woo me before so I’m really confused with the mixed signals and how westerners date or court. I’m don’t really have the guts to ask him LOL

        We will meet about in 3 months. So happy about your story. I read every blog entry you had about your long distance relationship. I can’t stop but feel giggle and joy for you. I wish you forever happiness with him ❤

      2. Aww thanks so much 🙂 I always felt confused with other guys I’ve dated but with my british sweetheart things have always been clear… there have never been any mind games or playing hard to get. He’s the first guy I feel I can be totally open with and can be my mushy romantic self with. He makes me feel so secure and so loved everyday 🙂

        Its still early in the relationship for you so just see how things go when you meet but I’ve learned the hard way that mixed signals usually mean a guy isn’t really into you. I spent five years with a mixed signals guy who couldnt really be bothered with me who I had to tiptoe around talking about the future with and not say how much I loved him as not to scare him off. Too many people settle for that.

        As I said see how things go but remember how you want to be treated and don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. If he doesn’t want the same things someone else will 🙂

        Best wishes to you! X

  3. Hey im Lacy im 18 and im in a LDR with the love of my life he is 17 and I love him so much. I live in Georgia and He lives in New Jersey but distance dosnt matter right but I love him so it doesn’t

    1. No distance doesn’t matter when two people love each other and are willing to do what it takes to be together 🙂 best wishes to you and your loved one x

  4. what an amazing love story. I am in the same situation with my baby. We are about to meet for the first time in 45 days from today !!! This your story was so inspiring. I was just surfing in internet and looking for little sweet surprises that I could make to him. He loves surprises and he loves to make surprises like me. With us was also clear from the day one even when we didn’t say those things out immediately but we just spent so much time talking and it was so obvious that we both are pretty much falling for each other without any border lines lol So once I asked tho what shall be our own date and he told me the first day date:)

    I read the whole story you wrote because I am also about imagining into details how we meet in the airport and all that 😀 so exciting. It was so exciting to read your story as well! I wish you both all the best and much love xx

    1. Thanks very much 🙂 It is crazy to think back to that day about 3 years ago, meeting this stranger for the first time, to now, living in England in our own little home. I can’t imagine life without him now, he means the world to me 🙂

      I still try and surprise him as often as I can :).

      I hope that your first meeting will be everything you both have wished for and that it will be the first of many. Best wishes to you! xx

  5. Oh my God. Wow. This is like me describing my love story. The only difference is, he found me so he messaged me first. And when he left, I didn’t sneak in a love letter and so did he! We were just too busy being in each other’s arms ;). I completely understand when you said there’s no playing games and being completely honest about each other’s feelings. I can totally relate and I now believe I have found my true love, the love I had always been searching for my whole life. I can almost feel the joy and love that you’re feeling because that’s what I have been experiencing with him now. Seems like it’s true about what they say about British men, they are simply gorgeous and charming 😉 It is my turn to visit him this weekend and I will be spending two weeks in England.(after not seeing each other for two months) Thank you for writing this it made me happy to know there are other people who has found real love via online dating 🙂 So don’t give up yet ladies! And both of you make such a beautiful couple too. 🙂

    P/S : I’m a Cancer woman and he is a Pisces man. Need I say more? 😉 lol. I don’t know if you believe in astrology but what are your sign and his sign? And also when are you going to meet your other half again? 🙂

    1. Im glad you’ve found a wonderful man as well. Those british men sure can be charming 🙂

      Have a lovely visit with your sweetheart!

      As for when I will see my better half next he is here asleep beside me 🙂 I’ve been living in england with him for nearly a year now and still as in love with him as ever. I’m very lucky 🙂

      Best wishes to you x

      1. My apologies I just read your whole blog and your relationship journey has been amazing and truly inspiring! How I wish I could be next to him everyday too and be as lucky as you. How do some people there, react, to both of you when they know you met on an online dating site? I know it is so common nowadays to meet people online, but are there any negative reactions? I’m asking because I know I will be in his hometown and will meet a lot of people so I thought I’d ask.

        Thank you so much for replying so quickly 🙂

      2. Wow, thank you for taking the time to read all of that :). Even though we’ve closed the distance I unfortunately don’t get to see him everyday (I wish I could!). His job takes him away a lot unfortunately but it’s much easier than being a country away :D.

        I haven’t had any negative reactions; or at least if there have been any I’ve never taken them that way. I’m always more than happy to share our story (any excuse to talk about my favourite person lol). Most people have been interested and just tend to have a lot of questions.

        I do get a lot of British people on the streets talking to me about “all these foreigners” (I don’t actually feel like a foreigner considering Canada’s close relationship with the UK and the fact my family tree traces back to Yorkshire) but I usually just smile and say, “I’m not so bad!” Then they usually sheepishly say, “oh not you… the other ones who don’t work etc,. etc,.” It ‘gets on my goat’ a little bit but the best thing I can do is just smile, be kind, and show them that ‘foreigners’ are, in general, hard-working and friendly people.

        Best wishes to you! England is probably the most beautiful place I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing and has become a beloved second home to me. I hope you have a magical two weeks here with your man.

        Best wishes!

      1. Thank you for sharing your experience, you’re so very kind 🙂 I’ve had the most wonderful time with him in England. There were tears at the airport when I was about to leave. We’re thinking of closing the distance but I believe it won’t be as easy as in your situation. I wonder if I can contact you personally because I do need as much information as I can on this matter. You can reach me at siimaarazak@gmail.com. I’ll delete this comment once I heard from you. I hope that’s okay and not invading too much of your privacy, the only person that I can see is dealing and going through the same situation as I do, is you. Hope to email you soon. Thank you!

  6. I’m going to see my babe may 26t! We honestly cannot wait. We’ve only been talking for 2 months almost but we just couldn’t wait. I hope everything goes well!

  7. Hi, my name is Lizzy and I’m from Nigeria.
    Few months ago, around February… I was expecting my boyfriend whom I met online. I was really nervous, cause I’m a very shy person and I was scared he might not like me in person. So I started surfing the Internet’s for tips on how to handle this, then I stumbled on your blog. I read your blog and I felt so relieved! Your story really touched me and I hoped to have fun with my man and be my self when I see him as well.
    That night, picking up my boyfriend was so stressful cause my driver disappointed me and yes I can’t drive Lol so I had to ask my uncle to drive me to the airport. My uncle stopped by at few places to get some personal stuff, I was really tensed at that moment cause I didn’t want my boyfriend waiting for me for so long. So the delay got me worried and eased my nervousness about seeing him Lol. Lo and behold, we were there on time, and just few mins after getting to the airport, he came out and was looking extremely handsome and wouldn’t stop stealing glances of me. Lol he held me so tight, I couldn’t even breathe hahahah
    My boyfriend adores me do much, loves my flaws, accepts everything about me, extremely affectionate etc I have never experienced true love in my entire life, so I am really grateful to God for blessing me with my dream man. Your story is almost the same as mine, as we had so much fun!!!!! My boyfriend spent 1 month with me, so we did everything together, went to church together, cooked together, laundries together, etc he always teased me about my short hair Lol and he loves my flat nose so much….Lol something I never liked! I love his pointed nose too, and he offered we exchange nose Lol
    My baby is so funny and full of life! He has a very good sense of humour. I can remember watching him sleep every night and finding it difficult to believe that he is actually mine and not just mine but extremely crazy about me.
    The night my love flew back to his country “Europe” was really tough!!!!! I cried and created a scene at the airport, i got home and found it really difficult sleeping cause I couldn’t accept the fact that he wasn’t going to sleep with me on my bed. I fought the wall, hugged my pillow, cried for days….oh dear! I missed him sooooooooooooo much!!!!
    I look forward to visiting him soon by His Grace.

    “True love finally found me”
    God is so amazing! This is exactly what I prayed for and He answered me.

    1. I’m so happy your first meeting was everything you hoped for 🙂 As exciting as it is I can definitely relate to feeling anxious about meeting your boyfriend for the first time… It’s a very strange feeling to date someone you haven’t yet met!

      I find that the airport goodbyes get tougher and tougher the longer you spend together and the more you fall in love with one another. I find being away from my man for even a week difficult now that I’m used to having him around.

      I’m glad you’ve found something special and wish you and your man all the best. I hope you’ll be able to close the distance soon xx

  8. Hi! Your blog really makes me feel better about meeting my guy in person! I am driving to meet him for the first time since we started talking. Althogh, its been a month we have video chatted twice and texted everyday! Reading your blog makes me feel less nervous about meeting him and hoping things go okay. Where you nervous at all? Howd you get over your nerves?

    1. I was very nervous not just the first time but the first four times or so it’s completely normal and understandable. You cant be sure of your feelings until you really know someone face to face for a while and that can be scary because you dont want to hurt their feelings if you dont feel a connection right away and you dont want them to hurt you either. You can tell yourself a million tomes you know this person that youre attracted to this person ect but there will always be doubt until you meet and sometimes even after that first meeting. Its a tough way to get to know someone but if you ride it out it may just end up being the best thing youve ever done. Try not to put too much pressure on yourselves and have fun getting to know each other 🙂

      It’s been about 3 years since that first meeting and now I’m living in england with the best man I could ever ask for. Couldn’t imagine life without him now; I love him more than anything.

      Best wishes to you and your long distance sweetie x

      1. Thank you for sharing. I’m very nervous about meeting mine, and I’ve been doing sort of a “research” on youtube (silly, I know but that’s how nervous I am), it seems like everybody can just jump to, hug and kiss their ldr mate the first time they meet. I’m not sure if I can do that, haha.

  9. How do you make it work I have just recently gotten into a relationship I wouldn’t call it long distance as he only lives 5 hours away but our circumstances will make it extremely hard for us to meet up. I am so nervous about our first meeting do you have any advice

    1. Just keep a positive attitude and try to keep things fun 🙂 my man and I just celebrated 3 years since our first meeting and ive been living in england with him for a year now. He’s the best thing that ever happened to me 🙂

      If you both want to be together no matter what yous will make it work. But for now just have fun getting to know one another and I hope your meeting will be wonderful x

  10. Hi my name is Blake and I’ve been with my wonderful gf for two years I met her when she was a freshmen and I was a sophomore she’s now a junior and I’m now a senior and have so manny questions for you on this topic considering I’m in the same situation and am going to see my girl friend in several months like how did you break the ice first meeting ur other half in person me and my gf have skyped many times and facetimed tons and talked on the phone and with his job how do you deal with the pressure of him being gone because I’m heading to be a fire fighter and to college were she lives to spend the year with her why she finishes her last year of high school and then I plan to join the military in the long run thank you for your time and consideration any advice would be greatly apricated sincerely Blake 🙂

  11. You are absolutely gorgeous! You are beautiful from the inside-out. Such a cute couple. Wishing you the very best!

  12. Hi!I bumped into ur blogging while looking for tips on how to date a brittish guy. I met him on an online dating site. I didn’t really expect that someone so gorgeous as him would send me a message first. We chat in Skype and the conversations just goes on. He’s sweet,kind and very funny, looks like prince charming. Almost too good to be true. I can’t get him off my mind lately that I even start looking into travel information to the UK. It’s just crazy how he makes me feel so head over heels. Do you have any advice for me?

  13. Omg, amazing. I’m dating a Swedish guy, I lives in Liberia and we met on a interracial dating site. we are planning to meet up in Ghana next year February. I hope it works. And you guys are cute couple God bless you 😊

  14. Thank you for letting me share your story. It is lovely! I wish my story was like this… I went over to see a man 5000 miles away from me, in my home country, Japan. I am expat in UK. Since meeting online, we had chatted every day (video chat only a few times) for 2.5 months. Initially he wanted to come see me even for a few days (He’s in a military, so he cannot have a long holiday) but it didn’t work out, as I had a plan already. I really appreciated that he said he would come see me, so I suggested I would come see him to his base. He caught a bad flu just before I flew in and my flight was super delayed, although he didn’t have to wait for me at the airport, as he was really not well (I asked him to stay at home and pick me up at the station near-by etc). He was coughing like crazy and I was slightly jetlagged and tired (although I managed to take a shower before meeting him).

    I stayed in his place for four days. It was lovely. He showed me his workplaces and took me for shopping in the shops on base etc. But we didn’t talk about anything in relate to our future. We watched Netflix at home, sometimes went out for food etc. His flu was really bad and I felt so bad. But I couldn’t reschedule my flight etc. This is LDR’s problem: it is difficult to do things flexibly (like a last-minute change). We were like an old couple, relaxed and all that, but I was slightly frustrated, as I wanted to talk more about when we were going to meet next time etc.
    He was acting a little pretentious (showing off his physiques, money etc, which I thought was quite cute in a sense, though).

    Last day, he had to go back to work. I had to catch the flight. So he dropped me off at the station nearby. We kissed in his car (very light one, btw. ;-)). I didn’t cry. He, of course, never!
    I felt quite sad. I don’t know why. I went to see my parents for a few days before coming back to UK. Obviously we slept together. I was quite nice to feel him in person after all these messages exchanged.

    Since then, we occasionally exchange the messages on our usual online app, but I feel that I need to write to him about my feeling. I didn’t want him to think I just wanted sexual encounters from him. He lent me a book to read, saying I could just send it back to him, once finished. He gave me lots of souvenirs. But part of me is saying, ‘we don’t have a future together?’, quite sad. I should’ve made it clear that I really liked him. I am absolutely in love with his smile, eyes and charming eyebrows. I left a thank-you note on the bed with some goodies from Scotland to tell him that, too, but he never mentioned it in the messages. He has never been a man of words (I don’t know about American men… I only know British and some European, but I have a feeling American men are quite shy), always replying to what I say by ‘I see’, ‘Ok’, unless it is something sexually explicit. Yet, I quite like him. Dilemma. I wonder if he doesn’t want to commit himself to a relationship yet. I would be happy to relocate like you, to anywhere he goes to, but I didn’t make it clear. He told me his work would take him to various places and if he happens to get married, his wife would be
    happy to move everywhere. I just listened but didn’t say anything. I think I should have shown that I was KEEN. Probably I was also pretentious…

    Anyway, I am hoping to stay in touch with him… until he really wants to cut me off. He still send me his selfie from time to time. I am kind of determined to be consistent and persistent in admiring him from afar. Those 90 days since I met him online was like a roller-coaster but at least, we have met in person now. I will try to stay strong and spend each day sending him a little admiration of how wonderful he is. I cannot explain this, why I am in love with him. My friends say I could find someone closer in UK, but after these three months, I feel that I want to push this to the max of what I can do. After all, life is short. No harm in trying best telling a man how I love him. After doing everything I could and he didn’t get it, that’s the point where I would slowly come away from him, I think… sorry about my rubbish stream of consciousness but this is my current LDR story…

  15. I am kind of in the same situation. I joined a dating site….. Okcupid.com to while away time. I wasnt really looking for love but I was single and searching but it never occured to me that I’d meet someone online and fall inlove. He lives in South Africa and I am in Swaziland. Approximately 7 hours away from each other. It sounds easy but school work and time has kept us from seeing each other. He is 24 and I am 21. When he asked for my number I was a bit sceptical because I did not really trust him but as time went on while we chatted on whatsapp things got pretty serious.

    I realised that I was often worried about him and his well being. It bothered me when a day passed without us talking. My mood would change when he would be offline for long (it still does). A whole lot of things I never really understood. Next thing you know he texted me and told me the very same things I was feeling without me opening up to him about what he was doing to my mind and soul.

    He first confessed his feelings and I did mine but there was that element of doubt because we had never met. As if he was reading my mind he told me not to have doubts or worry because je loved what we have and that I was the perfect girl he’s been looking for. I loved the oemotional connection rather than the physical most people always have and it is rare for most guys to coonect with a girl they have never met emotionally.

    After 3 months had to come sew me after his exams before I started mine but circumstances forced him not too. I’ve never seen a man so broken and so was I because we had discussed for weeks what we’d do when he got to Swaziland. As I write this we are still very much intouch and inlove. After reading your story I feel inspired not to have doubts or give up. He always says “my love you know our friends may think we are crazy and that this wont work but I believe in us and in you and that you wont give up on us. Lets prove them wrong baby. Let us make us work”. Its his texts like these that just get me all emotional and teary.

    Thank you for sharing your story. I am happy you two are finally together and are inlove. I cannot wait to be with him and I am getting so impatient. As soon as I am done with my exams I’ll spend my December holidays with him. I can’t wait ♥

  16. Thank you for this post. I an going to be seeing my long distance girlfriend for the first time in a couple weeks. Our story is very similar. I can’t wait to finally hold her in my arms.

  17. What a wonderful story! I got to your blog when I searched for “how do you feel the first time you meet your ldr boyfriend” haha. Cause I’m going to meet mine in a month after about 8 months talking. He’s from the US, I’m from somewhere in South East Asia and we’re gonna meet for the first time in London! I’ve never been to England before, what would you recommend cool or romantic spots to visit for dates, if you don’t mind me asking?

    1. That’s so exciting. London is magical! There is so much to see and do. If you like Harry Potter the studio tour is a MUST see as well as Kings Cross Station and St. Pancras which both feature in the movies. The Natural History Museum is gorgeous and free and full of neat things. My second favourite museum (also free) is the British Museum. For knick-knacks and souvenirs check out Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square. KEW gardens are supposed to be lovely as well though I’ve not visited yet. Plus there’s all the well-known landmarks to check off the list: Big Ben, Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Westminster Abbey… You’ll love it! It’s a lively, fascinating city 🙂 Best wishes!

    My boyfriend and i are going to touch each other for the first time in July. I don’t like calling it meeting because we video chat everyday and talk at least 3 times a day. I’m so excited there are days i can’t contain myself!!!!

    I live in the states and he lives in New Zealand. He’s Indian and I’m white but we’ve made it work this far. He’s so very much romantic so i can’t wait till we can touch reach other and actually kiss instead of phone kisses.

    Btw i’l be there for a whole month and he won’t give me a hint on what he has planned. I know the first few minutes will be awkward and I’ll talk and talk and talk cuz that’s what i do when I’m nervous.

    July can’t come fast enough!

  19. I just had to look up something to see if anyone is in the same situation as me. Googling “meeting online boyfriend for the 1st time” silly but it’s nice to see I’m not the only one!!
    I met him whisper app he replied to my post we talked for 5 hours on the phone that same night, and it became a daily thing, we’ve skyped as well. He was crazy about me and I wasn’t at 1st but just something about him over time it made me realized my feelings were so strong towards him and even now.. It’s been 10 months (together) I literally get butterflies in my stomach silly I know but I love it. I’m 19 California, he’s 19 Germany.. in august it’s a year and we both turn 20 too.. I recently quit my job (horrible one) and decided to look into studying abroad which was a dream I thought I could never do.. so I looked into germany and I’m hoping to move there for school.. but before I do that I do want to meet him.. my plan was to go in October to travel before (I met him online).. but now I solely want to see him, like change my plans just for him.. but I’m scared to be honest.. what it’s not what I expect even though I know his feelings towards me are real.. and what we have is true /honest we’ve seen each other on cam several times talk on the daily we’ve sent pictures.. but still scared he might not like me I know that’s silly!!!
    I just want to know what people in all honesty think of my situation?!please

    P.S.And thank you so much for sharing you’re story It made me feel hope like it’s not a dumb thing to fall for someone online let alone who lives in another country

  20. Thanks so much for your blog.I live in Toronto Canada and I am in a LDR with a man in London England. I am going to meet him for the very first time on 18| 08 |2017 basically in 6 days time. We connected online and have vidoe talked every single day since we connected.I am going to be in London for 10 days. I have been thinking about this very dayof our meeting and wondering what it is going to be like. He is such a good and caring man that I am praying to God that it works out for us. Hoping to have a sucess story to write just like you. thanks so much again for sharing your story and congrags on finding your love.

    1. You’re welcome. That’s so exciting! You’ll love London it is such a magical city. We’re actually visiting Canada at the moment for a whole month and loving it. Good luck with your meeting!

  21. My relation also like u a cutest couple
    I wish god every day i pray to god that
    She is my lyf n i always need her plzz god destroy this distance n make me n my gf close to geather i lov u ss’bby

  22. Met mine this month too after 3 months of online chatting and loving,I was his bird way before we met ,am still his bird ,I never thought it could happen that soon but he’s loved me in ways that no one else has,I love him,he’s just amazing,my pretty boy );

  23. Lovely story. I am from the Philippines and my husband is from the U.S. After more than a year of video chatting, he came over to see me and spent xmas with me. We also got married while he was here. Best time of our lives! Now we are back to being far from each other until i finally join him in his place. Missing him too much

  24. Your blog gives me so much hope! My long distance man and I have been in a relationship for nearly 2 years and have never met. He lives in Brazil, and I’m in Australia, so the 13,000 kms between us is kind of a long stretch, as is the expensive flights. I am however planning on going over there for Christmas, YAY 😁

    1. Wow that is a very long time and a very far distance. I hope yous have an amazing Christmas together and that you can one day close the gap 🙂

  25. Enjoyed this so much! Such a beautiful story 💕I’m curious did you use a travel focused dating app like fairytral or regular dating app like tinder? I think love is something we all can find if we believe 🙂

    1. Hi alysse thank you for your kind words. We actually met on plenty of fish – I just broadened my search area a bit 😉 We have now been together 7 years, are married and expecting our first child. It’s hard now to imagine that my life ever existed without him ❤ wishing you tons of adventures and happiness!

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