LDR Sexy Time ;)

If you’re a long distance couple it’s hard to have a sex life like other couples do. It’s difficult not being able to be physically intimate with each-other but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to keep the spark alive. In fact, a few companies have created or are in the process of creating tools that will enhance your long distance sexy time. Here are a few ways to keep the fire going *wink, wink*

skypesex2  skypesex

1. I’ll start off with the most obvious one… Skype sex. It’s not as good as the real thing but it’ll tide you over until then. It’s also nice to be reminded between all the sweet conversation that you still get their motor running :p

theuglytruth  vibratingpanties

2. One day I wondered how great it would be if I could send my SO the converter to my …err… vibrating panties (what? I had to get a pair after seeing The Ugly Truth!) but of course the converter needs to be within 15 feet of the knickers (thats underwear in british talk). I thought why don’t they come up with a bullet that can be activated through an app on your phone so that he could control them from across the ocean. Would be a fun little way for me to know he’s thinking of me… and boys love electronics.

Well, Durex is now working on something fairly similar to this. It’s a little more complex than what I had in mind (as it is meant to be used during actual sex) but it’s still pretty cool. It’s called Durex Fundawear! The video below will explain how they work.


3. If you’re not comfortable bearing it all online, there is always the old-fashioned phone sex if you have a phone plan that won’t cost you a fortune. You could also do this over skype with the cameras turned off.


4. Another thing you might like to do (especially if you don’t get a whole lot of privacy) is to write sexy things to each-other. Whether it be over facebook, msn messenger (do people still use that?) or text message. Paint your sweetie a descriptive picture of what you’ll do to them the next time you see them. This might be a tantalizing image they’ll think about all day or it my turn into a full-on sexting session. You also may feel more comfortable doing this if you’re sporting the gorilla look cause your boyfriend is out of town.

gorilla girlfriend



5. For a different kind of sexting experience you could even try your hand at creative writing and write them a sexy letter detailing your fantasies. Tell them to open the letter when they’re in the mood.


6. There’s always the classic sending a pair of your panties (for some reason this is only sexy when girls do it. Sorry boys). If you don’t wanna give up a pair though you can always send a panty gram through SendAPantyGram.com 🙂 They will mail a sexy red thong to your man along with a note to their website where he can login and read the sexy message you’ll have left him there. Sexy panties and a hint of mystery? Your man will love it.



7. Similar to the above suggestion you could mail your partner a small toy (to make things a little hotter maybe one you’ve used). Something like a small bullet or ring will be discreet to mail.

kama sutra  sexpositionsbook

8. Send your partner a sexy book and earmark, highlight, and/or add sticky notes for all the things you wanna try the next time you two see each-other, then watch how quickly your macho-man will turn into a bookworm ;). Men can also do this for their ladies. You’d be surprised what you can find at your local Chapters!


9. Here’s a sex toy designed for ldr couples that you can actually buy (if you have alot of money). This toy is expensive but is also likely the most advanced interactive long distance sex toy available. The LovePalz Hera S and Zeus S work together to provide each person with sensations delivered by the other user. Each unit costs $189.



10. Just as the two of you can sync up a movie and watch it together via Skype; so too can you share a link with each-other to an XXX online video. If watching porn together is your thing, why wait til you’re together? Find a sexy video you know your partner would like and watch away ;).


11. This is a fun little project you can do when you are together and use while you are apart 🙂 Purchase a clone a willy kit, follow the instructions and take home a replica of your man’s jewels… and it vibrates!



12. The Internet-enabled high joy rabbit is a vibrator that can be controlled by someone via internet. They retail for around 80$ and are sure to make your long distance bedroom time a tad more interesting :p


bathtub  sexylingerie

13. Surprise him! Whether it’s candles and soft music, some sexy new lingerie, or you looking lavish in the bath-tub; don’t be afraid to surprise him with an extra little something the next time the two of you Skype. Just make sure no family members will be peeking over his shoulder and he’s not at the library or he may not be the only one getting a sexy surprise ;).

*I hope I haven’t made you blush *too* much. Also remember that anything you send could be sent to other people so don’t do anything you aren’t comfortable doing. I am very sex-positive and comfortable with my body and believe in enjoying a healthy sex life; I think it’s very sad when girls have gone to extreme’s such as hurting themselves or taking their own lives because private photos or videos of themselves have become public. I love when celebrities don’t apologize for their nude photos when they’ve gotten out; when they don’t let themselves be shamed for enjoying their sexuality. The only person who should feel shame in my mind is the person who broke their trust and privacy by sharing the material. We should create a society that celebrates our sexuality and embraces our bodies in all of it’s forms. If any private material of mine got out (while I’d rather if it didn’t) I would be perfectly fine and take it as an opportunity to let people know that it’s okay to enjoy your body and that I have no regrets, however if something like this would destroy you then please don’t do anything that you couldn’t deal with the world seeing/knowing.

If you have any other ldr sexy time ideas please add them in the comments below!

If you’d like to see many, many more ldr ideas (the sweet as well as the sexy) check out my pinterest:


10 thoughts on “LDR Sexy Time ;)

    1. We literally count down and press play at the same time but I would find I would have to fast forward every so often because his would play like a tenth of a second faster than mine… not perfect but it’s something 😉

    2. There’s also an app called Rabb.It or you could also use it via a website! It offers a limited selection of movies or shows, but its more about seeing my baby for me 🙂

  1. There’s a website called rabb.it which is free and it enables you to watch movies together at the same time! 🙂 My boyfriend and I used it a while ago before he went on deployment to watch something together and it was amazing!

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