LOVE – Romantic Ideas for When You’re Together

This is for any couple out there and for those ldr couples when they get to spend some much needed time with their other half. I’ve posted many ideas to keep the love going while you’re apart but how about keeping the romance going when you two are together? Here’s a few ways to do that πŸ˜‰


1. Use chalk hearts or cut out paper arrows to lead your honey to some sort of surprise like a fancy dinner or a sexy bath πŸ˜‰


2. Ladies, the classic lipstick note on the mirror is always a nice touch πŸ™‚


3. Tell your man how much you love him in bacon. Is there any better way?


4. Slip a pair of panties or a sexy photo in the pants pocket of your man before he puts them on… let him find them or later in the day text him to check his pocket… imagine his surprise πŸ˜‰ For the boys out there you might wanna refrain from trying to stuff your boxers in the pants pocket of your girlfriend but you could leave them a sweet message in there :).


5. Take your man or woman to Starbucks just so you can do this to their cup. A hot beverage and an adorable message? Yes please :).


6.Β Leave flowers open in a book to a poem your sweetie would like, or a highlighted part of a novel ect,.


7.Β Freeze cool whip on a pan and cut out with cookie cutters to make this lovers hot chocolate. love this!


8.Β Light charcoal in terracotta pots lined with foil for tabletop s’mores. This would make such a sweet romantic dessert idea :).


9. When you go to watch your sweetie’s next sport’s game or activity make a sign to show off how proud you are of them. Awww πŸ™‚


10. Program sweet reminders into their phone so that even when you are apart they will get little love notes at random times.


11. Sometimes even the most unromantic of situations can be made romantic and thoughtful ;). Like leaving a sweet note under the toilet seat for your man to find :p. You’ve gotta admit he’ll be surprised! Or hiding your girlfriend’s favourite chocolate bar in a box of her tampons. You could also leave his favourite magazine or comic in there to make him feel at home (and while I’m not a read while I do my business kind of girl… in fact I’m the kind of girl who pretends she does not do business of any kind. Not even banking.) I wouldn’t mind finding a Cosmo anywhere in the house :).


12. Draw a fancy bubble bath and add Champagne for when your sweetie gets home from work. Some other additions: fruit, bath bombs, candles, flowers, chocolate, rose petals, massage oil… go crazy!


13. Wash your S.O.’s body and/or hair in the shower. Intimate and thoughtful πŸ™‚


14. Have fun with nerf guns or water guns.


15.Β Slip a love letter in the mailbox before your sweetheart checks the mail… won’t even have to pay for postage and there’s something extra special about a handwritten declaration of your love πŸ™‚


16.Β Leave a new outfit for your honey to find with a note telling them to meet you at a certain time for an awesome date! For your man you could leave him a new dress shirt and/or tie with a note.


17. Put together a “bad day box” for your sweetie. Fill a box with things your other half would like and let them open it when they are feeling down.


18. Plan a sleepover with your man/lady. Just because you might sleep together every night doesn’t mean you can’t get excited about a sleepover with your S.O! Get yours and their favourite snacks together, let them pick a movie, then build a blanket fort, do a puzzle or game together, apply facemasks, give each-other massages, or whatever other fun sleepovery things you feel like :).


19. On those cold winter nights as a thoughtful surprise throw your sweetie’s pj’s or blanket in the dryer for a couple minutes before bedtime. Doggies and kitties aren’t the only ones who love warm laundry πŸ™‚


20. Flowers, flowers, flowers! Whether it’s buying some or picking some wildflowers, they always brighten your loved one’s day.

chocolate on pillow

21. Leave a chocolate on your S.O.’s pillow just like they do at fancy hotels for a sweet surprise.


22. Found on the “Love Actually” blog, I am absolutely in love with this idea! Hide a special treat for your sweetheart in a box of their favourite cereal for them to discover.

sunset date2.jpg

23. Plan a picnic date πŸ™‚ Maybe even throw in a sunset if you know a great place to watch the sun go down. Don’t forget yours and your SO’s favourite treats, a blanket and something to keep you warm – a flask of tea or something more dangerous should do the trick!

sweet scavenger hunt1

24. Hide some of their favourite treats around the house. I may need to work on my hiding skills… the bugger even found the ones I’d hidden in his pants pockets in his drawers! So much for making chocolate last a little longer πŸ˜‰


25. Leave them a sweet love note in scrabble tiles.

For more romantic ideas check out my pinterest:

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