LDR – Best Long Distance Vlogs

Here are some of my favourite long distance relationship vloggers. I tried to pick couples who have more than 5 long distance videos and who stood out from the rest. Get ready for the cuteness!

1. Vlogging Blonde – Zar Ann is from Canada and her boyfriend Ares Bond is from Switzerland.Β  They met while Ares was staying in Canada for 3 months. The two of them fly back and fourth to see each-other and document their adventures together. They post vlogs every other day so there are a TON of them! They also like to play little pranks on one another. The videos are most often titled (inaccurately) with something shocking, so don’t be fooled. They are actually really cute together and I enjoy their videos.

2. RossTumblr – The above video is the best thing I’ve ever seen. Ever. Ross (a film enthusiast from London, England) proposes to his girlfriend Sophie (a student in NYC, USA) by sending her on a scavenger hunt; it’s so adorable! Most of their long distance videos can be found on RossTumblr although their proposal vid (above) is on Ross’s film-related channel.

3. SurviveTheMiles – RJ is from Ontario, Canada and his girlfriend Liz is from Georgia, USA. They met on Tumblr and travel back and fourth to each-other. I love her southern accent! In their videos they talk about their relationship and also give tips on Surviving the Miles :). In the above video they talk about their experiences telling their parents about their relationship.

4. DontBeASadPanda – Adria and Brandon met on Instagram. He lives in Florida, USA while she lives in New York, USA. You may have to search the channel a little for their LDR videos but there are quite a few mixed in. My favourites are the above video where they talk (and laugh a lot) while giving tips about meeting for the first time. My other favourite is the video of the first time they met at the airport; it’s probably the most emotional airport meeting video I’ve seen which makes it extra sweet.

5. Jake Farni – Alex (Tennessee) and Jake (New Mexico) met online and are defying the distance. My favourite quote from one of their videos: “If we were ever to argue, I feel like it would about how perfect each-other is.” Aww :). Above is the video of them meeting for the first time. Also, while researching I stumbled across Mallow610’s blog (as they have a video where they talk about LDRs), and while they are not an LDR couple they are totally adorable together, so feel free to check them out as well!

6. Cocktails with Ariana – Ariana is an Australian dating a U.S. soldier. She does advice videos, gift guide videos and also talks about her own LDR. She happens to sound super awesome. The above video is a gift guide for care packages.

7. Zuri & Mett Go Dutch Fi – Zuri is from NYC, USA dating Mettin, who is Dutch and Australian. They travel to all sorts of awesome places together and document it in vlogs on Youtube. Places include Rome, Paris, NYC and Barcelona. In June 2014 they closed the distance and continue to document their life together :).

8. Alanna Wilson – My channel! I’m Alanna Wilson from Canada and my lovely (and super handsome) boyfriend Josh is from England. I post videos of our visits (usually set to music) and I also have an original song on there I wrote him called: He Wears Combats, She Wears Cowboy Boots. I plan to do more LDR videos in future. Also, I have something really exciting (and long-distance related) coming up so check back in a couple weeks for that! (There will be a video). Eeek!

Who are some of your favourite Long Distance Relationship vloggers? πŸ™‚

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