LDR – Love Letter Paper

I’ve compiled a bunch of pretty love letter paper for every occasion. Some are Save and Print and some are downloads but all are completely FREE printables! I have made sure that all of these are large enough files to do about an 8.5 x 11 print.

Nautical Paper (I designed myself). Just click on the paper to see it larger, then right click, Save As and Print.

nauticalpaper6  nauticalpaper2 nauticalpaper3  nauticalpaper1  nauticalpaper4  anchorpaper Writingpaper12 SquidPaper


Travel Paper:

BigBenPaper   Londonpaper

paperT  paperT1  paperT2     torontopaper  torontopaper2 Writingpaper11

1./2.Me 🙂 3. no source 4. no source 5. Astrid’s Artistic Efforts 6. etsy

Vintage Paper: click to make larger, then save as and print.

paper1  paper2  paper3  paper4  paper5  paper6  paper7  paper8  paper9  couplepaper Writingpaper9

1. Sweetly Scrapped 2. Robin Davis Studio 3. no source 4/5/7/9. Lilac-N-Lavender 6. no source 8. The Vintage Vignette 9. no source

Spring Paper: there’s a LOT of these!

papers1  papers2  papers3  papers4  papers5  papers6  papers7  papers8  papers9  papers10  papers11  papers12  papers13  papers14  papers15  papers16  papers17  papers18 writingpaper10

1-11, 13, 18. Lilac-N-Lavender 14/15. Elegant Wedding Invitations 16. no source 17. Once Upon Her Dream

Autumn and Halloween Paper:

papera1  papera2  papera3  papera4  papera5  papera6  papera7  papera8

1. Lilac-N-Lavender 2/3/4/5. no source 6. Madamam.Deviantart 7. Activity Village (many additional clip-art Halloween borders. Can download from their site). 8. Mamegoma123

Winter  and Christmas Paper:

paperw1  paperw2  paperw3  paperw4  paperw5  paperw6  paperw7

1. Lilac-N-Lavender 2. Making Moments 3. Graphic Garden 4. Astrid’s Artistic Efforts 5/7. Activity Village (can also download from site). 6. no source

Other Paper:

paperO1  paperO2  paperO3  paperO4

1/2. Kids Can Have Fun (must download from the site). 3. Lilac-N-Lavender 4. No source.

Best get writing those letters! Best wishes to all you other LDR couples 🙂

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12 thoughts on “LDR – Love Letter Paper

  1. Hi, i am editting a poster for my kpop fanfiction, and it’s a non-commercial work. may i use one of your collection above to be one of my poster material? Thanks in advanced.

    1. You’re welcome to use any that I’ve designed. Not all of these are my creations so I’m not sure what the protocol would be for those. Some of them that aren’t mine I’ve provided where I got it from underneath but some were found on google and I’m unaware who the original designer was. Best wishes 🙂

    1. Glad I could help! I love a bit of fancy letter paper. After 6 years together I still love to leave little love letters for my other half to find 🙂

  2. I love writing letters and it is so hard to find stationary let alone beautiful stationary any more. I am looking forward to writing my letters and sending them thru snail mail just like the old days before texting. My son likes for me to write to him because he has a time stamp of what is going on in my life and now I look forward to writing to him with these beautiful stationary sheets. Thank you for sharing.

    1. You’re welcome – so glad you will be able to use these for your letters… nothing beats snail mail 😉 I’m still using a button phone and trying to resist technology where I can as there’s just something lovely about the old days

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